Art is good for the Soul

As I stood in the check out line at our local grocery I was flipping through some of the magazines when a little article caught my attention. After reading it I added "Woman's World" to my basket wanting to share with you what I had just read.

A new Swedish study found that women who viewed and talked about art once a week felt happier--and enjoyed a two-point drop in their blood pressure after four months--while those who talked about their hobbies had no changes!

I have a wonderful art group "Mixed Media Collage Artists" that I have been missing over the past several months. This group is so supportive of each other, sharing their ups and downs, techniques and how to's, but most of all just being there for you when you need them. The artwork in this group is unbelievable.

There are several art magazines published each month and it is such an honor to see my fellow art friends grace so many of the pages. Not only are these girls having their art published, some are writing articles which are just fab. We are not just a group of girls with a little art hobby. We are dedicated to our artwork. Over the past year many have had their first piece of art published, written their first art related article, some had their first gallery showing and some have had their work chosen to travel the world.

With our upcoming move I have not been able to create as most of my art supplies have been packed and ready for the move, and I have had very little time to even visit the forum. However late at night when things are coming to an end, I sometimes find myself visiting our art gallery or scanning some of the member’s art journals. At first I was somewhat jealous that I was not able to create and share. Then as I reflected back on why I started MMCA, I began to have a feeling of calmness because I knew in my heart I did this for all of us to come together and share. There will be times when each of us has other commitments in our life and we won't be able to create and share.

This is my time and I have accepted it for now, but come mid-summer when things are settling some from the move, I plan to let the creative juices flow. I have so many ideas on paper and things I started that I want to finish and share. Until then I will continue to enjoy the artwork my fellow artists are creating while attempting to keep my blood pressure under control.

If you don't have a group of art friends to share with just do a search and you will find 1000's of them. At this time MMCA is not accepting applications for membership. You may however visit our website and enjoy our gallery of artwork and you will find many links to our members websites and blogs.

Until next time enjoy some art this week and be happier!



Doors continue to open!!!

Just when I had my mind set for apartment living and not rushing into a new home, God opened another door and I spent Spring Break week house hunting. GP made arrangements for us to work with a wonderful realtor in Brunswick, GA. After several emails and phone calls Bill knew what I was looking for and started sending me houses via email. The 2nd house was as if I had given the contractor my plans. I continued to look at other homes, but kept coming back to Fox Ridge at Satilla Plantation in a little community called Atkinson, just west of Brunswick. On the 4th day, we went back to take another look and spent almost 2 hours there and decided to make an offer. Two hours later, we had made an offer, excepted their counteroffer to include landscaping prior to closing and the bank had approved everything. Closing date will be May 12th and we will move in May 30th. When I left last Sunday they still had to add hardware to the inside doors, place the entertainment center against the wall, install Closet Maid Shelving in all my closets, a few other little things that I requested and do the landscaping. We are in a new subdivision and the first house to be built. Here's a few pics of our new home.

Taupe Siding with Chocolate Brown Door and Shutters.

Everyone wants to know how big the lot is.....My house sits in the middle of a football field. Yes, it is 100 yds deep and a little over 50 yds wide. The street in front of our house is the end zone.

Plans are to build me a studio out among the trees with tons of flowers and little paths leading to it.

Great Room with butter cream walls, white trim, trayed ceiling, 4" Crown Molding, 6" Baseboards and hardwood floors. Entertainment Center to be placed against wall.

Dining Room flows to the right of the Entry and flows into the Great Room making a L-shape.

Tons of cabinet space and I love my stainless steel appliances. Ceramic tile in the kitchen, breakfast nook, laundry room and bathrooms.

My kitchen and breakfast nook look into our back yard. I can already picture the flowers and paths and my English Swing out there.

In case you want to know more. . . 3 bedrooms with the Master having a trayed ceiling. Creamy carpet in all the bedrooms. Everything is painted a buttery cream with white trim. Master Bath has a Juccuzi and oversized shower. Tons of closet space. Steve said our closet is big enough for my studio until we get the studio built. I don't agree, but it is a huge walk in. Big linen closet in the hall next to the guest bath. Nice laundry room off the kitchen with storage cabinets. Oversized 2 car garage with a storage room off the garage almost half the size of the garage.

I have already started picking out window treatments and making a list of things I want when we get there. Our new living room furniture I ordered 6 weeks ago was delivered Friday and I can't wait to get it in my new Great Room.

Spring Break was not all house hunting. Seth, Kaycee and I had a wonderful week with Steve and spent Saturday at Jeykll Island which is less than 30 minutes from our new home. Within a hours drive you can be in Savannah, Jacksonville or at one of the many beaches along the Atlantic Ocean.

I have a new home and can't wait to move, however I still have a few weeks left here and need to get a few things finished because our home is to be put on the market later this week.

Until next time. . . .Send positive thoughts that I will get through the next couple months.