Good News to Share

I am so excited to share with you the CollageScape PhotoFrames are now available at Viola's Market. If you have visited St. Simons Island, Georgia then you most likely have been to Viola's Market. It is a wonderful little shop in Redfern Village. A must see when visiting the island.

And here are a few of the PhotoFrames delivered to Donna and the girls. Hope you will visit their website to learn more about the "Sister Act" and when on the island drop in to visit. I'm sure you will find many things that you can't live without. Sorry about the glare...I forgot to remove the glass before snapping this shot on my way out the door to visit the island.

More good news......Our oldest son, Colby called yesterday to ask if I would pick him up at the Savannah Airport on the 8th.....he is coming to visit with us for 6 days before Seth and Kaycee head off to college. This is his first trip since our move and we are all excited. This will be the first time all three of our children will be sleeping under the same roof in over 2 years. I am nervous and excited! They have each grown into independent young adults with Colby living on his own for several years, Seth away this past year at college and Kaycee here at home all by herself. Now you know why I am nervous and excited!!

Until next time......working on more wholesale orders for Sara at Sadie Olive and Wendy at Cottonfield and Company. Sara yours should go out this week and I hope to see Wendy next week. Also those of you that have inquired about having custom PhotoFrames done, I will be updating my website soon with all the info. Thanks to those that have already purchased their PhotoFrames.



Who doesn't love a good homemade Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato sandwich? It takes a lot of bacon here at our home so after frying bacon for well over 45 minutes I am down to the last 3 pieces in the pan when the grease starts popping. As I reach over to get those pieces I get popped on the hand and I mean POPPED on the hand. I have blisters scattered all over the top of my right hand, 1st degree burns on the index and ring finger with severe 2nd degree on the middle finger. Nasty does not even cover how it looks. As for the pain that you have the first 24 hrs well it did improve following the codeine and only hurts now when I try to move or do something with my hand and the tingling that feels as though you have been shocked is still running up my arm but has gotten somewhat better. We had bacon this morning with breakfast but I did it in the oven and everyone was just as happy!

Steve was working on my computers when all this happened so he didn't quite finish up. After he helped take care of my hand he cleaned up the mess, found the fork I threw across the room when the grease hit me and then helped the kids put lunch on the table. Since I have not been up to doing much on the computer and he has been grilling for supper and having to cut up my meat I have not complained about the computer. Hopefully in a few more days I will be doing more and then we will see how the computer problems are going.

Until next time.....watch out for popping grease.


Love on Display

This collage was done several months ago and is now on display at the Okefenokee Heritage Center Membership Exhibition in Waycross GA. The background was created with layers of old letters from 1800 & 1900's on canvas, then embellished with an original photo, vintage buttons and ribbon.

Until next time....still working with two computers....but he is making a little progress....I guess we can call it baby steps!



Update to the previous post

Thought some of you might enjoy this quick update on the computer problems. Since all this started I have been taking photos of my artwork, new shop pics, the kids, July 4th at the beach, new blooms in our yard, etc....I ran out of memory on my camera after shooting over 300 images......SO this past weekend without saying a word while the MAN was trying to catch a few zzzz's I quietly slipped out to his truck and borrowed his camera. He didn't miss it until yesterday when he went to use it at work. Now it has been laying next to the keyboard of the new computer he has been working on since Saturday afternoon when I didn't have it in my hands! He calls to ask if by chance he had left it on his desk, he didn't remember doing it but thought maybe. I very calmly told him I had gotten it Saturday, had been using it and it was laying next to the computer he was working on. He went on to say he needed it for work. After I counted to 10, I told him I had tried to download my camera and didn't want to bother him Saturday.

Silence.....................................................I think he got some of my point.

After hanging up the phone I thought okay just go download both cameras and have his ready when he gets home since he did load the programs needed for both cameras. IT DID NOT WORK and I tried several different things. I will spare you the things I said and did at this point.

A few hours later he makes it home and sits down at the computer asking about my day. Wrong thing to do. Let me just say we had an understanding when I finished. It was one of those "come to Jesus" meetings. You listen while I talk. This is how it is, this is how it will be. This is MY job and I need my camera, my computer, my scanner, my wacom, etc in order to do what I love.

I really am a sweet person, but please don't push my buttons or you will see the other side of me and as Steve and the kids say, the wrath of Debbie is not pretty!

Off to finish the salad and get the bread ready for the oven to go with homemade lasagna I made just for the MAN of the house.




MEN!!!! Let me start by saying I opened this can of worms several weeks ago with my wonderful husband and I am now having second thoughts. You see we have been discussing my getting a new desk top computer for sometime, but something always seems to come up. Well a few weeks ago I started noticing little things but didn't think much of it that is until I was working 24/7 trying to catch up and all of a sudden the dreaded blue screen appears.

No problem...I'll just restart it....oh no....now I have this bright red screen with bright yellow lines. Finally I get it to reboot correctly. I continue working but notice it is taking forever for pages to load. After a few hours I give up and head to bed thinking a few hours sleep and all will be well. Next morning I start back at it around 6 AM. The day flies by and I am getting lots accomplished that is until around 11 PM and things are moving so slow I can't work. Thinking it is just me pushing it too hard I shut things off and head to bed. Next morning as I turn on my old trusted computer of several years it starts to make a noise any man would be proud of, then the blue screen, followed by more noise, until finally it just shut itself off. Now I have not mentioned this, but during all of this I continually called Steve with questions. After the third day and the 10th call of the day he ask, "Why don't we go ahead and get you a new computer or do you just want to use your laptop for now?" I have a wonderful laptop, but prefer to use the desktop PC when I'm home. I jump on the new computer and get told we will talk about it when he gets home.

The house is clean, supper on the table and I am ready to talk computers....you know lets go pick one out. OH NO, I want to customise this one just for you, your art, your business, you, you, you!!!!! Your thinking what a wonderful thing Steve wants to do for you and please don't get me wrong it is, it was and it still is.

For the past two weeks I have had TWO desktop computers. One that has all but died and one that is absolutely gorgeous, very clean, no cluttered folders or files. I was asked what programs I wanted and he promptly loaded them. Now I have a disc and the case for each program laying all over the table. Then he has to go back to work, out of town for a few days. He still needs to bring my documents over, load the print drivers, hook up my Wacom, run all the updates, etc. Back home I get some of these things done and for the time being he sets up our wireless network connection so I can print until he has time to finish everything. Did I mention my new monitor and keyboard has had a place at the breakfast table for two weeks?

Sunday night everything is loaded, all we need to do is unplug the old and move the new over but decide to wait until tonight due to a call he gets during supper which leads to him having to go in due to a MAN not doing his job. 1:00 AM and I have called it a night, just as I drift off to sleep Bon Jovi starts singing Make a Memory! It's just the ringer on my cell phone, but the thought of him singing me to sleep was rather nice. The MAN is on his way home.

New day, another night and it is 10:15 PM and we have not seen the MAN that started this project so looks like only 3 of us will be eating breakfast again in the morning.

MEN....I guess they mean well, but why does it take them SO LONG to finish something.

I did this collage several months ago for an art show and thought it was perfect for what I have been going through the past few weeks.

One more thing....I didn't realise just how bad my monitor had gotten until we turned the new one on and I took a look at my websites. The colors are DREADFUL!!! I thought some of you were my friends....why have you not told me just how awful they look. If they don't look dreadful to you, you might want to think about getting a new monitor!!

Until next time....I will be adjusting images and giving my websites a much needed makeover.