Oh no!!! I was tagged again! There I am taking a little time to read some of my favorite blogs and come across my name, Debbie O. Sharon of Cut-Up-Paper TAGGED me to list 5 women that have inspired me.

As I have thought about this there are so many that I could list, but I tried to stick to the game rules at least this time.

My 5, in no particular order are
Sally Jean, Jill Haddaway, Deb Trotter, Karenann Young and my Mom.

Almost 5 years ago when I was new to collage, I had tons of questions and Sally Jean, Jill and Karenann were all so generous with their answers to all of my questions. Thanks to many emails and even art supplies they shared with me I was on my way.

Just this past year Deb T and I crossed paths and it is as though we have known each others all our life.

My Mom has always encouraged me to follow my heart and reach for my dreams. She has given me the tools to move forward each time I wanted to try something new and she is always on the look out for Vintage Books, Photos, Postcards and more.

My turn. . . .TAG you're it. . .
Abby, Delila, Jo, Katie & Amy.

Until next time. . . .Create and have Fun!!!



Vintage Swap

I recently signed up to participate in a Vintage Swap. Names were drawn two at a time for partners. Each was to buy a regular Manila envelope 8 x 10, or something close to that. Fill it with vintage treasures of all kinds, such as postcards,buttons, tea towels, fabric, ribbon, jewelry, hankies, stationary, small books, and anything else that you could stuff in your envelope.
You and your partner were to email each other sharing a little about yourself and the things you collect or like. It was so much fun putting together my package for my partner, Abby.
The real fun came today when I received a package in the mail filled with the most awesome treasures. There were pink and brown buttons attached to Manila tags, vintage ribbons in green and red strip, some really cool postcards and pictures, two beautiful hand embroidered table runners, a children's story book, a wooden hand-carved stamp of a car, a pink and brown bag, and lace, trims and more buttons.
My biggest surprise was when I unwrapped a little book with yellowed pages, for as I turned the pages I discovered it was Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice 1924.
Thank you Abby for making my experience with the Vintage Swap one I will remember for many years.
Until next time. . . .Create and have Fun!


Surprise Package

Is this not the most precious looking little girl?

Don't you just love it when you receive a surprise? I opened my door to find a box from my very dear friend, Deb Trotter. You know the Cowgirl Artist of Cowboy's Sweetheart. Well she is a real Sweetheart. I opened a box full of those little peanuts that go everywhere, then stick to any and everything, and days later you are still finding them! Peanuts going every where didn't slow me down. I pull out a package carefully wrapped in bubble and started unwrapping it. There in my hands was the most precious Bethany Lowe Designs little Halloween girl.
There was still more, further down in all those peanuts Deb had shared some of her duplicate rubber stamps, and sent Kaycee and I, Glow in the Dark Earrings!! I can't wait to use the stamps which will be perfect for some of the projects I am working on. As for the Earrings, I will have to let you know how that goes, but I know Kaycee is going to love them. I probably won't even get to try them out after she sees them.
If you have a Friend like Deb, send them a note or give them a call to let them know how thankful you are to call them your Friend.
Until next time. . . Create and have FUN!!!!

Color Of Hope

As you have heard, there is strength in numbers. Lynn Perrella has emailed her friends asking everyone to help spread the word about this unique collaborative work of art.

Color of Hope

This wall hanging is presently up for Auction on EBAY to benefit the American Red Cross for hurricane relief.

Collaberating artists include: Nina Bagley, Keely Barham, Caryn Crimmel, Shirley Ende-Saxe, Sarah Fishburn, Lisa Hoffman, Marylinn Kelly, Karen Michel, Teesha Moore, Lynne Perrella, Lisa Renner, Judi Riesch, Monica Riffe, and Michelle Ward.

Click on image to go directly to the auction for more details.


I've Been Tagged!!!

It finally happened to me. . .I have been tagged by Amy of Inspire Company. If you have never visited Amy, you are missing a wonderful place to shop.

Five random things about me:

1. I love Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough! Sometime we will make a batch and eat it with spoons while watching a movie.

2. My first car was a 1974 Blue Ford Mustang. I got it for my 16th Christmas. I wish I would have kept that car. My dad has a 1965 Red Mustang and I would love to have it someday.

3. I grew up on a cotton farm and could drive a tractor before I drove a vehicle! It even had air conditioning and a radio!

4. I was a Radiologic Technologist in my 20's and early 30's, and gave it up to stay home with my children. Some days I miss it, especially the excitement of the ER and Surgery.

5. Love to read and visit the library often, but I try to check out the Large Print books. I can read them so much faster! It's an embarrassment to my children. Of course it would be they are teenagers!

Now it's my turn to tag some one and I choose
Deb T, Deryn, Delila, Dawn and Sonja.


Mixed Media Collage Artists

For months I have been working day and night on a project that I couldn't tell anyone about as I wanted it to be a surprise and boy was it. Last night I announced to my Yahoo Group Mixed Media Artists that we had a new full featured Website and Forum, Mixed Media Collage Artists. Within minutes I was receiving emails with excitement and one by one members were logging in to look around.

We are a rather small group in number, but we are very active. So much so that Yahoo could not keep up with our uploading of images. When I started the MMA group my dream was to one day have a full featured website and forum and now that dream has been reached.

The talent found in MMCA is extremely high. We have members that are regularly featured in Somerset Studio, Cloth Paper Scissors and many other great art magazines, many are instructors of art, some work full time and create at night or on the weekends and some create all day, but we all have something in common-we all love our art!

The inspiration I have received through these girls is beyond words. The creation of the Website/Forum has been the labor of love for both my artwork and my fellow members.

I have to admit I did have tons of help, Steve known as the technical assistant was right there with me all the way. I designed the website and he did the forum. I had 100's of templates to use for the forum, but not one was what I wanted. So the work began for a custom build forum. He worked countless hours at night and on the weekends until he had everything just like I wanted.

We would love to have you visit us, enjoy the Gallery which is just the beginning of the talent we have and don't miss the Featured Artist. If you are interested, please submit an application for membership. If you have any questions, please email me or contact me through the website.

Until next time. . . .Create and have Fun!!!



It's Fall in Arkansas

It is finally here....That is Fall in Arkansas at least today. Who knows what tomorrow will be but today I am enjoying upper 60's with a breeze. I hung my fall wreath on the front door, set out a few pumpkins, changed my flag and planted a pot of Pansy's this morning.

Seth and Kaycee brought home their pictures taken last Friday night at the Homecoming Dance which was decorated for fall, so I knew it was time for a change of seasons here.

My friend, Deb T started something awhile back on her blog! She shared pics of her family and my kids having been asking me if I have shared any of them with all of you. So here you go.

~ Seth & Robbin ~
Homecoming Dance 2005

Seth is 17, a Senior this year and our middle son. He plays the Trumpet in the Concert and Marching Band. He also does a duet during all performances on the Fugel Horn. He's an Honor Roll student taking all Pre-AP or Honors classes, member of the Robotics Team, National Honor society, Beta, Chess and Science Clubs. Loves the History, Discovery and Food Network Channels. He's wonderful in the kitchen, a very caring person and considerate of others. He is very active in church and community activities. He plans to go on to college, not sure where yet and major in Engineering.

~ Kaycee & Ray ~
Homecoming Dance 2005

Kaycee is 16 and a Junior this year. She is our baby! She's an Honor Student taking all Pre-AP or Honors Classes. She is a member of the Beta, Chess and Science Clubs and a member of Mu Alpha Theta National Mathematic Club. She takes dance which includes Jazz, Ballet, Clogging and Tap. This is her 13th year of dancing. She also student teaches dance to 3 & 4 year olds. She loves Elvis and watching all the old shows we grew up with, I Love Lucy, Leave It to Beaver, Andy Griffin, Doris Day, Gidget and I know I am leaving out many. She is also very active in church and community activities and plans to go to collage.

~ Colby & Daniell ~

Our oldest is Colby, 22. He is a computer wiz owning and running his own business "Boot-Up Computer" since graduating from High School. If it can be done, he can do it when it comes to computers. He designs software with his most recent job being a program that is being used in Radiology offices and hospitals in 6 states. He started flying with his Papa at the age of 2 and was hooked. He began taking flying lessons at 13 and on his 16th Birthday I got to watch him solo. So at 16 when most kids were driving everywhere, he was flying any and everyplace he could since Papa owned the aviation school and service. I watched him leave the airport for a 3 hour cross-country by himself and the next day he turned 17 and took his Private Pilot test and passed with flying colors. When he's not flying you will catch him in a little black Crossfire traveling around the state with his business. He recently moved into his own apartment 3 hrs from Mom. He is doing great and Mom & Steve are adjusting!

And to think all of this started here. . . .

Until next time. . . Create, Enjoy your kids and have FUN!!