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You will find us here: http://www.debbieoverton.com



Modish Prize Package

What a week....it started with the flu and ended with the prize package I won from Modish in the October Drawing arriving in the mail. It was filled gorgeous earrings, bracelets, necklaces, notecards, handmade journal, pocket mirror, tote, pouch, handknit washcloth, coasters, soap handmade tags and more. Here's a peek at the goodies followed by a list of wonderful contributors. Be sure and check them out, you might just find the perfect gift for someone special.

A Planet 4 Creation- blue fish earrings; Art Created- Set of sterling & pearl earrings + perfume sample; Casto Creations – zipper pull; Chic 36- fluffy floral tote; Feto Soap-yummy roll-on parfum; Glittery Blue- gold star earrings; Greetings from a Planet Named Janet- 3 notecard sets; Handmade Luck- photo coasters; Jewel Alchemy- iolite & labradorite earrings; Kim B Designs- copper sunset earrings; Krista Raak- turquoise ocean cuff; Mau Studio- mau mau message cards; Miranda’s Creations – handmade tags; My Favorite Mirror – pocket mirror; Oblinaknit- handknit washcloth; Paper Lotus Design- card set & flirt cards; Paper Treasure- "the Madeline" necklace; Pixie Potions- pumpkin parade soap; Presents & Law- set of assorted holiday postcards; Rae Beth Designs- Russian amazonite & tiger eye bracelet; Shana Says- mod flapper necklace; Simply Bliss- handmade journal; Third Floor Fibers – 6 yds purple merino wool; Urbanknit- batik zippered pouch

Even though I have been fighting the flu all week I have been able to accomplish several things. I have 13 art pieces in different stages and my newsletter went out Thursday. If you are not on my mailing list you can view it here.

Until next time.....I'm off to work on a few things while you surf some of the links above.



Etsy Market, DT Art, & Thanks

Despite Steve and Seth being sick Thanksgiving we had a good holiday weekend. While the guys laid around watching football and napping, KC and I headed to the beach.....The weather was wonderful, low 70's with a gentle breeze. There were quite a few people out strolling the beach. While we were looking out at this beautiful view we heard some bicycles coming upon us. It was the cutest little couple....looked to be in their early 80's. They were talking and laughing...they parked their bikes and walked up on the deck wishing us a Happy Thanksgiving. We exchanged a few words and then he took her hand and said "Sweetie, lets sit here for a bit"! I thought I was going to have to bury KC in the sand....she got so tickled. I tried to imagine Steve and me in 30+ yrs and I got tickled. We told them bye and continued combing the beach for seashells.

The water was a bit on the COLD side, but that didn't stop KC....she started by just walking along the edge and before we left she was wet up to her thighs....she said she was walking straight, but I could see her slowly moving further out as we walked.

While fighting the flu the past few days, the guys gave it to both of us I have been working on adding a few things to the Etsy Market. The Antique and Vintage Paper Packages.....

and a few Note Cards....images from some of my recent original collage paintings

and this one I did in 2001 following 9/11 in Honor of our Service Men and Women serving our Country......

While you are surfing hope you will take a minute and visit my Etsy Market. I will only be taking orders up until Noon Eastern on December 13th, as we are heading home (Arkansas) for the holidays. All orders placed after the 13th will be processed and shipped starting January 2nd.

If you have not visited the Design Team Samples lately we have added several more and the girls all have sheets they are working. Here are a couple more......

Artwork by Lori Bartel - CS 106 Artwork by Caryl Hoobler - CS 101

Thank you to all for the thoughts and prayers, comments in the recent weeks and emails with words of encouragement for the Design Team, Etsy Market, redesign of the website and blog. As I have said before I have a feeling of peace with the way things have been heading.....now I just need the time to make it all happen.

Until next time.....I am off to finish up the newsletter...If you have joined my mailing list you can look for it within the next day or so.



Happy Thanksgiving

Here it is Tuesday afternoon and I am still thinking of things I need to pick up at the grocery store even though I did my shopping Sunday afternoon for Thanksgiving. We have planned our traditional dinner with turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, peas, mac & cheese and a few more favorites. We would love to be with all of our family, but distance keeps us from that....we had rather spend our time with all of them during Christmas so it will be Steve, Seth, KC and me again this year. Right now we are just praying that Steve is up to Thanksgiving....he has been sick and finally gave in yesterday when he couldn't walk from one room to another without gasping for air.....it is official he has acute bronchitis/pneumonia. If he would have listened to me last week....okay I want go there as I know many of you have been there and know what I am saying.

KC is on her way home, just called and was in the middle of Atlanta traffic so we expect her around 10:30 or so, but she is worried about our Thanksgiving dinner. When she found out Steve was sick.....her first question was who will cook our dinner! My kids don't think I can cook since Steve loves to do it and I love to let him. I have reassured the kids I can handle that turkey. I just would like for Steve to enjoy the meal and I can tell you he has a long way to go if he plans to do that this Thursday!

The past few days my inbox has been filled with wonderful samples created by the DOD Design Team. Here are a few, but you will want to hop over to my
website to see everything that has been sent in thus far.

Artwork by Lori Bartel - CS 107

Artwork by Caryl Hoobler - CS 101

Artwork by Kelly Burton - CS 101, 102, 108

Artwork by Linda Peterson - CS 100, 105, 106, 108

Until next time......Enjoy the artwork, enjoy your family and have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!



Etsy Shop Open

My Etsy Shop has officially opened with 9 Digital Collage Sheets. The Antique & Vintage Paper Packages, Notecards and other items will be added over the next several days. I have many more CS in various stages of completion....will have them up soon.

The Design Team has been busy creating some awesome
SAMPLES using the sheets. Here are a few....for more click on the above link.

This adorable piece of artwork was created by
Kelly Burton using Collage Sheet 106.

Just love the way Linda Peterson combined all the colors in this awesome piece using Collage Sheet 100 and 106.

This sweet little hanger was created by Sarah Drayton using Collage Sheet 107.

Every time I checked my email today I had new artwork from one of the Design Team members. If was so much fun to see what they had created. Makes me want to print out a few sheets and work on some artwork....but I have got to get a few more things listed in the Etsy shop first, then I can play for a few days.

Until next time.....hope you will visit the samples the DT has been creating and if you are in the market for a collage sheet, hope you will give one of mine a try.



Design Team, Collage Sheet & More

Sunday morning started bright and early.....Steve making us a wonderful breakfast and then us heading to the beach to greet high tide.

It was a little windy and cool but that didn't stop me from heading down with a vintage sand pail.

And this is just a sampling of the shells I collected this weekend. We had already been over Saturday afternoon and I came home with my little pail overflowing with sand dollars and shells.

Came in Sunday afternoon with wind blown hair, sand everywhere, a little pink here and there as I had forgotten to replace the empty sunblock in my beach bag to find my inbox full of interest to my Friday afternoon post for a Design Team.

I scanned a few emails thinking.....oh she would be great.....I am so excited she applied.....oh I have always loved her artwork......the more I read the more excited I became and then it hit me.....I was going to have to turn down some really talented respected artists and friends. I decided it was time to make a post that the call was closed and I would announce later in the week the DOD Design Team. This was very hard as I had some girls I would have loved to included but I had to narrow it down. I started going back and forth reading their email of interest, looking at their artwork.....I began to pace....then I began to dig in the candy bowl for the caramel kisses.....at this point Steve knew I was having a hard time picking team members. He let me eat and pace, eat and read, eat and surf for what seemed like days when it was really only hours. Then he asked if he could make a suggestion......why didn't he do that before I ate all the kisses!

He said you had a few girls in mind when you posted the call....did they respond? Start with those names and the rest will fall into place. If you applied and were not chosen please know it does not reflect your art or you as a person. I simply had to make a decision to start with 6 girls. In time it is my hope that some of you will still have an interest and I can add you to the team.

So it is with great excitement I share with you the DOD Design Team in no particular order.....

Kelly Burton, Linda Peterson, Lori Bartel, Sarah Drayton, and Caryl Hoobler.

I am looking forward to working with each of these talented artists. We plan to give you a treat of eye candy with their artwork and my collage sheets. Here is a peek at one of the sheets that will be available in the Etsy Market in the coming days.

Until next time......I have tons of things to get done so the market came open.



Digital Collage Sheets

You know what they say....everything is going digital and I am not one to be left behind. I have been working 24/7.....okay maybe not 24/7 but it certainly has felt like it some days as I have been scanning images, reworking images and designing collage sheets day and night....even in my sleep I keep the process going. Some of these digital downloads will be available starting next week in my Etsy shop. If you would like to be notified of their release and future updates to Debbie Overton Designs please join my mailing list by clicking on the postcards to the left.

I recently sent a sheet to a few of my art friends at MMCA and here are a few samples they have sent me.

Timeless by Kelly Burton

Discover by Kelly Burton

Naughty Fairy by Lisa Gifford

I am looking for a few talented artists to join the DOD Design Team to create artwork as samples to be posted with the collage sheets as well as showcased here on my blog. Each team member will be given credit for their artwork with a link to their blog or website. In exchange for each digital collage sheet the team member will be asked to create 2 samples, scan their art sending me an image that can be used to showcase the collage sheets plus unlimited printing of the collage sheet to use again and again in their personal artwork.

If you are interested in applying please send me an email to include your name, a link to your personal blog or online artwork, a few sentences telling me why you would like to be a part of the DOD Design Team and include any links to any other DT's you create for. If you have any further questions please contact me via email.

PLEASE email me at debbieoverton@debbieoverton.com with DT in the subject line. I look forward to hearing from you.

EDITED 11/11/07

The Call to apply has been closed due to an overwhelming response. I will post within the week the names of those chosen as the DOD Design Team. Thank you to everyone that responded.

Until next time.....I am back to work getting things ready for the Etsy shop to open.



Free to Fly

After my visit to the beach last week I came home and started working on a piece of art and as a result of the freeing and mind clearing the beach gives me I felt as though I was Free to Fly. I have set some personal and business goals and I am working towards them and one by one I am accomplishing them. Some are short term while others are long term.....but I am free to do as I please and I am enjoying the process.

Until next time.....Let go of what you think you should do and do what you want to do.



Hurricane Noel and Art

I have been working non-stop this week and decided to take a break and head over to one of the islands for the afternoon to watch Hurricane Noel grace us during high tide. Though I did enjoy the afternoon I was also very thankful he is heading NE. Here are just a few of my favorite photos.

Although the wind was blowing, the waves were slamming against the dunes, the mist reached me and the camera lens at times and you couldn't see the last 6 or 8 steps there was a feeling of calmness within me. The rushing of the water, the smells and the salty taste always give me the balance I need to continue. It clears my mind, I find answers that I have been looking for, I am recharged and ready to face my many to do lists and I leave with a feeling of strength that I can accomplish the things I have before me and this is why I always return with a few days.

It has been a busy week.....Steve is out of town and I always stay up until the wee hours of the morning and then wonder why when the alarm goes off at 6 I have trouble getting up and then around mid afternoon I have a sinking spell. But I have gotten so much done.....new artwork that will be posted to the website soon, mailed several orders, worked on the next newsletter and hope to get it out within the next week. If you have not joined my mailing list, I would love for you to. Just click on the postcards on the upper left. I have started making several lists for upcoming events, started an online art class with Karyn Gartel a few weeks ago that is awesome and will start a drawing/illustration class next week.

Here's a peek at one of the pieces I recently finished......more to come soon.

Until next time.......Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy your visits and will come again soon.



Zoom Zoom

Quick update with more to come later. The past four days have been exciting, fun and filled with speed. It all started Thursday when Steve and I left to spend the weekend at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. He had surprised me several weeks ago with Nascar tickets for all of the weekend activities. I'll share a picture or two later. While there I found a great antique/flea market and came home with several things....again pictures later. I checked my email this morning to find my name was randomly drawn on Modish for the October Ghoulish Giveaway! Can't wait to see what all comes in my package. And then I find out this morning I have been approved as a Vendor at The Creative Palette......a mixed media convention in St. Mary's Georgia February 21-24!!!! They have not posted the class/workshop and vendors list yet....mid-November, but if your curious as I know some of you are....the link above is to last years activities.

My friend Roxanne surprised me recently as one of her featured designers......hope you will check out her blog Roxi's Independent Designer Friends! Thanks you Roxanne!!!!

Until next time.....I need to finish ironing Steve's clothes....he leaves in the AM for 6 days.....Oh I will miss him, but I am thinking of all the art time I will have!!!!! Promise to share a few pictures later.



Happy Dance

Ever have one of those days when you just want to do the HAPPY DANCE? Come on, you know you have......Yesterday was mine. It all started when I finally completed the redesign of my website after weeks and weeks and hours and hours of work. Hope you will hope over and take a look.

Now that the blog and website are finished I need to upload some goodies for you to purchase in the Etsy shop I opened July 17, 2006....Yes you read that right...2006! All I can say is I had good intentions and so many other things came first. I also need to add the CollageScape PhotoFrames to the website and will try to get that done soon. After hitting that publish website button and making sure everything was working I felt I needed and deserved an afternoon at the beach to clear my head.

Grabbed a bottle of water and my beach bag I have hanging by the door that is already ready to go, slipped on flip flops and off I went. On the way I stopped by the post office as I had not checked the mail in almost a week.

Another HAPPY DANCE as I pulled things from the box....Anthropologie and Brocade Home catalogs, the premiere return issue of Victoria and a hand full of envelopes....bills, you have won, a yellow card that the post office sticks in to let you know you have a package and an envelope very elegantly addressed to me. I run in to pick up the package, see it is from my friend Roxanne in Fresno, CA and head out. I dropped everything in my beach bag except her package and the one envelope. I dig around the console to find my letter opener and slowly pull it across the beautiful envelope from a wonderful artist I recently met during the reception at the art center when she approached me about buy one of my pieces she had seen on display a while back. So I was expecting a check and much to my surprise along with it and the lovely handwritten note was the question.....

Can you use any of these in those wonderful collages?

Each piece is absolutely heaven.....the sweet little girl with the lavender flower background is a beautiful card so delicate it feels almost like tissue paper. The couple is on a piece of gorgeous satin and the card "The Parting of Ruth and Naomi" is one that Mr. Charles E Hires had reproduced with the famous oil painting that he sent to any dealer that purchased Hires Rootbeer Extract in 1904. The hand written note says....How lovingly my wife cherished this and had it for years and would get it and sit and ponder it till the tears rolled down her cheeks.

After just sitting there reading that note over and over and looking at the picture on the opposite side of the card it finally it me I was taking up a parking space and I needed to move on. And I did just that......I opened the box from Roxanne at Roxi Designs!

A while back she had something on her blog about voting for her in a challenge she entered. I am sure she did well, but my name was drawn from those that voted for her and this is what I got.......these beautiful pink drop earrings! Lucky Me!

While visiting Roxanne's Etsy shop I spotted this beautiful bracelet. Steve was working out of town and I thought it would be so nice if he bought it for me.....so I clicked on purchase and look what Steve bought me......A Chunky Pink and Grey Crackled Glass Beads and Pale Pink Freshwater Pearls with a Silver Flower Clasp Bracelet. It is gorgeous!!!!

Not only was Steve surprised with what he had bought, I too was surprised to find this pretty little box handmade by Roxanne included and look what I found inside.....A pair of Pink Crackled Glass Bead Earrings that match my bracelet! Thank you Roxanne!

After all that excitement one would think I was tired of doing the HAPPY DANCE and could just make a left turn and return home, but no I was heading to the beach.

20 minutes later I am walking in the sand and along the waters edge slowly letting the waves get closer and closer enjoying the salty taste, the dampness your skin feels and the wind blowing your hair.

As I start back toward the boardwalk that had led me down to this wonderful spot I often find myself walking backwards trying to soak in as much as I can not knowing when my next visit will be. Sometimes it is the next day and then there are times I actually have to wait for a whole week!

To complete the day I gathered a few seashells and half a sand dollar........

Until next time.....I am back to creating while remembering the wonderful day I had yesterday.



Thanks Sara ~ Sadie Olive Design

I would like to thank Sara at Sadie Olive Design for taking my personal images and my vision......then working her magic in creating my new banner as well as the background and buttons. Sara is wonderful to work with, very patient and super sweet to chat with. After several days of emailing back and forth, I decided to give Sara a call to thank her and she is so soft spoken and friendly, just as you would expect if you are a frequent visitor to her blog and online shop.

It is now my turn to work my magic.....I had Sara make me a template for my website using the banner and background. I have begun a complete redesign of the website starting with the home page. I am working almost around the clock as Sara can confirm. We were exchanging emails last night between 12 and 1 when I ran into a problem with my mailing list link. Thanks to her and Steve this morning during my 6am wake up call, he is out of town, he walked me through one of the steps Sara had sent my way. The new Debbie Overton Designs home page is now up and I will be working on bringing in the other pages as quickly as possible.

Until next time.....send me any extra time and energy you have so that I can finish this project up quickly and move on to the next one.



Something to Smile About

I awoke to find Roxi at Roxi Designs had passed along an award to me!!! What a surprise and an honor....It is because of friends like Roxi that I smile. For receiving this Smile Award I too am to choose 10 people that make me smile. This is not so easy as I have so many more than 10 blogger friends that make me smile. Here's 10 in no particular order......

Sara ~ Sadie Olive
Lori ~ Home Is Where The Art Is
Amber ~ Inventive Soul
Carol ~ Raised In Cotton
Kelly ~ Soul Humming
Suzan ~ Thrifty Collage Artist
Sue ~ Artful Adventures
Kristy ~ Kristy's Musings
Kelly Rae ~ Kelly Rae Roberts
Amy ~ Lone Star Art

If you not listed please know if you are visiting my blog then you make me SMILE!!!!

Until next time.....I hope you enjoy the new site design. I have Sara at Sadie Olive Design to thank. She took my images and my vision and did her thing. More to come on this later.



My Beau

Back in May some of you may remember my sharing some treasures I received from a new friend, Karen I met through our daughters. Among the treasures was a stack of letters.

Dr. John Campbell of South Carolina was practicing medicine in Jacksonville Florida and was corresponding with Miss Eula Long of Georgia. They married October 20th, 1915 in Jacksonville and lived in Georgia. They opened a drug store/soda fountain in Nahunta Georgia. The house they lived in is being lived in by one of Karen’s relatives. Dr. and Mrs. Campbell had two daughters, Dorothy and Christine, both deceased now. Dorothy has a son named Rocky who is about 55 and Christine never had children but was famous for very large cats that lived in the drug store. Christine’s husband, Gordon Wright was a retired teacher and gave this wonderful collection of letters, receipts, photographs and even the Campbell’s Marriage Certificate to Karen’s mother. After Karen came by one day and saw what I did she gathered the things and sent them to me. There are 18 or so letters all dated between June and October 1915.

A few of the letters......
Using a page from one of the letters and the envelope I created this collage around it. The letter was dated July 22, 1915 and tells how disappointed he was that the arrangements they had made to meet did not work out. Dr. Campbell went on to tell Miss Eula how much he cared for her and hoped they could arrange a meeting again soon as he could not stand the thought of not seeing her for any longer.

My Beau.....Here are a few excerpts from some of the letters. Oh how I wish I also had the letters Dr. Campbell received from Miss Eula. He would share his day with her and tell her about a case he was working on. He told her how much he cared and wanted to spend all his time with her. He talked about her writings and the things she had said, but he never really mentioned what she had said. This makes it even more romantic…..you can read between the lines. Reading through the letters their meetings and plans were a secret as you will see below and he refers to her Great Escape several times. Notice how he addresses her and how he signs some of them.

June 22
My Dear Dear Eula,
Striving for our future harbors thoughts of you as a companion brings to mind the thoughts of responsibility and the necessary essentials for your welfare and happiness. Tell Louise that I have not forgotten her and will be over sometime to see you both. Guess she still keeps what she knows of our secrets. Your Friend, John Campbell, MD

July 12
Dear Eula,
If it was possible that I had never loved you it would be impossible now after receiving such a considerate letter. I feel nearer to you than ever before and hope that we will be soon be living as one. I am sure that I really love you and that you would make the future happy. If you think you can get off we will meet and stay over the weekend. Forever, John Campbell

July 15
I give you my word as a man and a friend that I will always remember your kind heartfelt statements. Forever, Campbell

August 2
My Dear Eula
I appreciate your affection and desires of being with me and it is almost unexplainable how your letters have appealed to your loved one. My intentions are now for us to become as one sometime in October. Am very sorry that I want be able to meet you this week. I certainly want to see you sometime in the real near future. It is very hard to think of but apparently there is always something to prevent our meeting, but dearest don’t let this worry you for I am the same old kid and love you just as well. Love, Campbell

August 16
Dear Dear Eula,
I feel now that it is almost impossible for me to live satisfied away from you and don’t expect to do so much longer. Forever Yours, John Campbell

August 23
Dearest One,
Am glad that you have decided to meet me on Saturday. I will leave for Savannah on Friday night and meet you in the morning. I am very anxious to see you. Yours, Campbell, MD

September 1
Dearest one,
Received your appreciated letter and am sorry that you are not feeling well, though expected you would be somewhat fatigued from the trip. My friends arrived yesterday and we spent a very pleasant day discussing some of our past also talked of the present and future intentions of our lives. I told them of our plans and was immediately congratulated. They both intend being with us on the day of that occasion providing I state to them the expected date. Want to keep our intentions as a secret if possible in order to prevent any interference with your Escape. Forever Yours, JA Campbell

September 10
Dear Eula
Am still feeling holding you close as I did when we were last together and expect nothing to come between us and for us to be married on the twentieth of October. I do not know whether or not we will remain in this town as I am corresponding with two friends in Texas and should they offer a guarantee that will hold good may take us there. Love Always, John Campbell

September 28
My Dear Eula
Intended writing you today and mail but was called out of town this morning at three thirty and have just arrived, therefore was unable to comply. Am eagerly looking forward to the near approaching day when your positive presence will be our future and perfect happiness. Am making every possible effort to be in readiness for our matrimonial service. Excuse short letter as I am tried and sleepy. Yours Forever, JA Campbell, MD

October 7
Dear Eula,
I have loved you since shortly after our acquaintance and intend keeping my promise. Will expect you on the twentieth unless death or a similar cause prevents. Now dearest I know that I am capable of supporting and protecting you. Don’t fail to make good your Escape. Yours Forever, Campbell

October 13
My Dear Eula,
Will meet on the morning of the 20th. Am working hard but feeling fine, and trust that you have been gaining in health and strength since last heard from. I want you to look to these people as you did to me on first appearance. Should you not hear from me anymore before the 20th govern yourself by this letter write to me and give details of your plan. Yours Forever, JA Campbell

Here's their Marriage Certificate dated October 20, 1915........

I now present to you Dr. and Mrs. J A Campbell.......
I hope you have enjoyed the story of Dr. Campbell and Miss Eula as much as I have. I ask these questions to myself.....Why the Secret? Why an Escape? What was the Plan? There are more works of art coming soon revolved around these treasured letters.

Until next time.....keep all those old love letters and cards as some day they too may be treasures by someone just like me.



Good Time

Steve's been out of town which means I work until the wee hours of the morning! I do this alot when he is home too, but almost always when he is gone. Good Time is a 5x7 done on Claybord with lots of acrylics, tons of gesso, snippets of original book page, ledger page and old letter from several other pieces I am working on, colored pencils, charcoal pencil and a first for me......hand drawn images! I doodle and draw all the time, I just don't share it. I am one of those that tells myself I can't draw.....well you may be looking at that flower thinking she's right, she can't draw....but you have to start somewhere and what one person calls okay is another's great.

Until next time........I have a piece that needs something and it is just not happening. Maybe I should have a V8!!!!!!!



Lucky Me, Lucky Me

I just received this charming black and white bracelet from one of my online friends, Amber at Inventive Soul. I just love all the charms and doodles and bling. I love the little jingle it makes when I move my hand. Amber thank you for such a wonderful gift.
Note on my art.....I have 13 pieces laid out working on them. I have paints, papers, mediums, inks, tools, and messes everywhere. Delivered a wholesale order Thursday of PhotoFrames and received an order while there. Been working on a few custom pieces, one is for Nascar's very own Jeff Gordan's new baby. Should have it completed within the next few days. Also have two pieces to complete and deliver to an Art Gallery by the 25th.
Until next time......I am off to enjoy the jingle of my new bracelet while we sit down to Red Beans and Rice for dinner.


Stepping Outside the Box

I found a new art shop several months ago and have been eyeing this box of 72 Faber-Castell Soft Pastels. Years ago I started with a small box of half length and would pick up a stick here and there. I finally could not resist this box of eye candy. I kept telling myself I would never use all those bright colors, but this particular day I was having a weak moment and added it to the other supplies I was placing on the counter. On the way home I kept thinking I had lost my mind, I don't use bright. Later that night all excited I shared some of the buys of the day and Steve and the kids go but why did you buy all those bright colors, you don't use them.

That's just it.....I don't use them, but who is to say I can't or won't. I am determined to try them out on a project I am working on. So far I have played it safe with using naples yellow, earth green, cinamon and nougat on this particular piece which are the same ones I have always used.

Why is it so hard to step outside the box? The fear of the unknown?? Rejection??? I have never backed down from anything and these little half length pastels in all their glory have me needing some Xanax!!!!! Can you say panic attack?

Until next time......Since I don't do Xanax I'm thinking a fudge bar might work.



Every Moment

Live Every Moment Like It's Your Last has always been one of my favorite sayings. That little phrase has been around for quite some time although sometimes with a slightly different wording here and there. While picking up a prescription in a local pharmacy/gift shop I came to a complete stop in front of a picture frame. I stood there admiring it while thinking of someone I had met over two and half years ago through the Internet. We hit if off immediately and corresponded with emails, cards, gifts and long phone calls.

Back to the gift shop.....

Sitting on the shelf next to that picture frame was a framed print of a poem about living every moment as if there were no tomorrow, if there are things unsaid then say them now as you may not have another tomorrow, and put the past behind you. As I stood there some wonderful memories came to mind and I picked up the picture frame headed home, wrote a little note, boxed it up and then was afraid to mail it. Almost a year ago we were as close as sisters even though we had never met in person. She gave me some of my most treasured art advice, helped me build a wonderful art group, and I have missed our friendship.

Steve saw the package a few days later and asked about it. After a long talk that night, I decided to mail the thinking of you gift expecting nothing in return.

Several days later I receive a little thank you note for the gift and when I pulled out the card, lo and behold, right there stamped on the front was Live every moment like it's your last. This little card is sitting on my desk next to my monitor so that I see it every time I get online.

I wonder if this is our way of trying to reach out to each other again after so long. She is one of my most frequent visitors to my blog/website even though I have not visited hers in so long. I tried to give her a call earlier today and while I was checking my blog stats tonight, saw she had visited within the hour, so I once again tried to reach her by phone.

Until next time.....I have opened the door and know in my heart I have done the right thing. My hope is that she will come in, but should she decide not to, I wish her all the best.



A First for Me

Today was a first for me. No children in high school. We got KC moved into her dorm this past Saturday, spent the night and then started that long 6 hr drive home Sunday without her. It took us maybe 20 minutes to actually unload our vehicle and it was packed. When we pulled up to her dorm we were met by 4 boys offering to help and Steve started handing them things. With arm loads they followed KC to her room and returned for more. Now it took us 7 hrs to get everything set up.....bed, laptop and printer connections, closet shelving, etc.......3 trips to Wally World......and then a visit to Pet Land. Her best friend, Syd of 17 yrs gave her a fish bowl with "Wish You Were Here" printed on it for graduation along with a note that had something to do with Pink Floyd and they both would get a fish once they were moved into their dorms. After getting the fish settled we headed to the dining hall for BBQ with the school president and then it was time for us to say our goodbyes. She will be calling me if she reads this and sees this pic. Steve shot it as we were pulling off.

We had not even gotten down the hill before Steve's phone rang.....she already had a question about her laptop. We've talked a few times and she seems to be having a ball. Loves her roommate and suite mates.

Here's another shot that was taken without someone knowing I did it.
Seth started his Sophomore classes today here closer to home. Sixteen hours was just a little too far for all of us. KC wants to think he came back home so I wouldn't miss her so much and I will admit it did make getting up this morning a little easier. He seemed to enjoy today. The classes are about half the size he was use to. So I'm not completely an empty nest, but almost.

I was waiting to post until Sara at Sadie Olive had received an order she recently placed with me for a couple of my CollageScape PhotoFrames and she beat me in posting. She received them, loaded some great pics on her blog and website while I was out of town. If you're not a fan of Sara's you will be once you visit.
Sara over at Sadie Olive posted the CollageScape PhotoFrames she is carrying in her online shop. Click on her logo above to visit. I just love her new logo that Hope Wallace at Paper Relics created. Sara has posted some great photos of the frames and given me such a nice shout out. I hope the frames do well for her. While you are there be sure to check out all the cool things Sara has to offer.

Have some new art news I will share with you soon. Just need to get a few of the details worked out first.

Until next time......Grab your favorite drink and give Sara a visit.