Patchwork Bag

I just had to share with you my Patchwork Bag that my friend Debra Cooper of Little Black kitty made for me. I love it....it is so big and roomy....and the shoulder strap is wide and will stay on your shoulder even when you have it filled to overflowing!! I had asked Debra to make me one of her Patchwork Bags and she surprised me and had it ready before Christmas.

What a great gift to give yourself!! It arrived the day before we were to leave for Arkansas and I wanted to take a peek even though she had sent me this photo (hope you don't mind my using the great photo you took Debra). I had told her I was going to wrap it and open Christmas morning. Well I didn't get to peek....she had wrapped it absolutely beautiful in gold tissue and ribbons. It was worth the wait to open. Don't you agree?

I told her to surprise me using pinks and browns, my favorite colors. The patchwork of fabrics is gorgeous and it has a page from the nursery rhyme, I Had a Little Husband.

I had a little husband, no bigger than my thumb;

I put him in a pint-pot, and there I bid him drum.

I gave him some garters, to garter up his hose,

And a little pocket handkerchief to wipe his pretty nose.

Debra, thank you so much for my bag....I use it everyday and love it.

Until next time.....if you are looking for a Great Bag, you really should visit Debra and tell her I sent you.


Wooden Shoes

Don't these just make you want to do a Happy Dance?

I spotted these precious little children's wooden shoes, also known as clogs in an Antique shop my first week in Georgia. Each time I would visit the shop I would look to see if they were still there. Yes, they were, usually moved to a different spot. I don't know why I didn't just purchase them. Probably because when I mentioned them to anyone they would just laugh and say what would anyone want with them.

When my parents were here during the Thanksgiving holiday Mom and I went out shopping. When we arrived at Mary's Antiques all I could think about were those wooden shoes. As we browsed and talked I kept my eyes open. There they were sitting on an antique table at the back of the shop. I showed them to Mom. Honestly deep down I was hoping she would get them for me, but all she said was, tell Steve and the kids to get them for you for Christmas!! All I could think about was them laughing once again when I mentioned them.

A few weeks later while Steve and I were waiting on a prescription to be filled I said, lets run over to Mary's, maybe I will see something you and the kids can get me for Christmas. Reluctantly and I might add VERY reluctant he said okay. As we walked around he would ask, Do you see anything you would like? The answer was no each time. I knew what I was looking for and when I found them he would too.

After walking the store at least 3 times I finally asked about the wooden shoes and was told someone had bought them. I left mad at myself for all the times I had been in and left without them and even madder at the person that had bought them. For the next week every chance I got I would say something along the lines of, who would want those shoes, why would anybody actually buy wooden shoes, I can't believe someone actually bought those shoes, etc.

So you are ready along and thinking did she get the shoes, where are the shoes and possibly why would she even want those wooden shoes!! Am I right?

Four weeks later we loaded our vehicle and drove 15 - 16 hours to spend Christmas in Arkansas. A part of me was hoping my Mom mentioned the shoes to Steve and he had gotten them.

Christmas morning Steve, kids and I had our family Christmas. All the presents had been opened and still no shoes. My last hope had just passed.

Fast forward to Christmas afternoon. Lunch is over and all the grandkids are ready to open presents. Not even thinking about the wooden shoes anymore I started opening my presents from my sister and her family and my Mom and Dad. I was thrilled with a new watch, tons of clothes and various other gifts. THEN I opened this package that had been beautifully wrapped from Santa and to my surprise were the little wooden shoes I had shown my Mom.

Later I found out the day I showed them to her she asked Steve and Seth to go get them and hide them in their car. I know the reason Steve was so reluctant to go to Mary's - he was afraid the owner would recognise him as they had talked quiet abit when he and Seth were there.

I was as proud of my Wooden Shoes as I was the year my Daddy had Santa bring me my Red Cowboy Boots!

And Yes everyone laughed at my shoes again!!

Since coming home I have been doing a little research - Wooden shoes or clogs are called Klompen in Dutch are donned for dancing, street scrubbing and a children's race at the Holland Festival. The roomy wooden shoes were originally worn by the Dutch to work in the fields where they protected them from the cold and the moisture.

My little treasure most likely was once worn by a small child in Holland. They are solid wood with a pointed toe, hand carvings and have a Dutch boy and girl painted on them. Can't you just see a sweet dimpled smile running around in them?

I would love to learn more of the history of wooden shoes. If any of you can enlighten me I would love to hear from you.

Until next time.....I'm off to dust my little wooden shoes.



Treasure Trove

Upon returning home from the Christmas holidays I found a most delightful email that had been delivered to my inbox on Christmas Eve. Inside there was a lovely note from Ellen who had been visiting my website/blog and was also from Georgia.

After sharing a little about herself, her family and that she has learned that it is all too true...life is too short not to enjoy what you are doing!

She asked if I would be willing to offer any advice or counsel to someone just starting out. Those of you that know me know that I am more than happy to share with anyone without anything in return. I was honored that she thought enough of my art to ask and was excited to reply.

She went on to share with me that while living in England with her husband almost 20 years ago they purchased an Antique Lap/Writing Desk. Years later they found the desk had a hidden drawer inside with lots of old pictures, letters, journals, etc all dated before 1900. As I read the email, I had to re-read one line over and over...." Maybe you would like to have this to use? Maybe we could help one another."

I was so excited that when I replied to her email I didn't even tell her I would love the treasures. But in her reply back she once again gave me a chance....she would really like to send me the old mementos as she would never use them. Of course I said yes.

Today I received a package in the mail from Ellen. OMG!!! There were letters, notes, photos, 5 little journals and more all dating before 1900. Here is a photo of just some of the things.

As I told Ellen, I look forward to sharing some of it in upcoming artwork and others will be an inspiration and reminder of what I hope to be the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

Until next time. . . . Remember Life is too short not to enjoy it.



Server Down

If you have been trying to visit Debbie Overton Designs or MMCA today you have found the sites can't be found. After several attempts to check my email and the activities on both of my sites I have discovered my server is down. I have been with this web host for four years and this is the first time they have ever been down that I can remember.

Hopefully they will have us back up soon. Please check back here for updates.



1:50 EST Update: The network is down due to a circuit related issue in Boston. An estimated time of resolution is unknown at this time.


5:00 EST Update: DOD and MMCA are finally back on line. Thanks for your patience.



New Year Beginnings

Have the past few days found you reflecting on the past year? I certainly did....there have been some wonderful changes for me as well as our family. We have had some fun surprises along with a few trying times.

One year ago we made the decision to move from Arkansas to Georgia....a major move for us. We had been in the same small town, the same home our two youngest children had ever known, both of our families were a two hour drive away, our oldest son lived a little less than 3 hours from us, our middle son would be starting his first year of collage an hour and a half away, and our daughter would begin our senior year of High School in the fall. After many late night talks and lots of prayers we knew this was what we were to do. Steve left for Georgia in January leaving the kids and I to finish out the school year. It was one of the longest and shortest six months....we bought a home in Georgia, sold our home in Arkansas, had one to graduate High School, said goodbyes to family and friends and after a 16 hour drive met the movers at our new home. There have been many adjustments, some went smooth, some took a little getting use too, but as I type this posting I can honestly say we are beginning to feel at home here.

As for my Art, things were put on hold for most of the year as we prepared for a move and then as we settled in, but since September there have been some wonderful things happening. My art group, MMCA went through some changes and came out better for it. I have been creating for several shops and galleries, and Internet sales have been great. I will be published in some upcoming publications over the next year, will share more later on this.

AND I was hired as an Artist Coordinator and Research Assistant for TweetyJill Publications. I am now paid to surf the Internet and look at art! I even got new PJ's and slippers to wear! Can you think of anything better?

Those of you that receive my Art and More Snippets from Debbie Overton Designs already know I will be sharing new artwork soon. I brought back a few things that actually got my art business started over 10 years ago....Collagescapes and Collage Characters. I will be sharing both with you in the coming weeks.

Until next time....create the future you want to have.