Paris and Kings

Last week I was having a creative crisis with a challenge I had signed up for. I got discouraged, I put my art up for days, I vented to Deb and Becky, and final yesterday I completed the project. I posted the final results to my art group and received positive feedback, but then they had heard me complaining so much, they may have just wanted to shut me up and positive comments will certainly do that.

I started my own art group back in May, Mixed Media Artists, and this is one of the best groups I have ever been in. Everyone is so talented and so willing to share their tips and how to's. I just love each and everyone of the girls and feel there is a special friendship there among us.

I can't tell you about the project for these pieces yet, as we are keeping it top secret, but I can share with you my 2 submissions.

Until next time. . .Create and have Fun!!!!



Thanks for the Comments

You would have thought I won the lottery this week as I got so excited when I started getting comments here in my blog. I know from my stats I am having lots of visitors and I love it. I have never been much of one to post comments in someone's blog either, but since starting my own I now know how it makes you feel when no one post.

I hope those of you reading do come back often and maybe some day you will find you just can't leave without posting a comment.

Thanks Deb, Amy and Paisley for your comments.

I plan to keep myself busy this weekend with a couple art projects. Hope you find something creative to busy yourself with.

Have a great weekend, see you soon.

Until next time, create and have Fun!!!!



Creative Challenge

Oh it is one of those days at least creative wise. I signed up for an art challenge and let me tell you it is challenging me. I have piles of papers, ribbons, fabrics, buttons and etc everyone. I have started this little project no less than 4 times. It involves ATC's (Artist Trading Card) and I have a big problem working in such a small scale. I am told the more I do the easier it will get. Well girls I'm not getting any younger and at this rate I just might have it down by the time I take up residence in the local nursing home.

I think I need a break, ok this will be my 3rd break today and I won't even try to remember how many breaks I took yesterday. Kaycee said a good movie and lots of chocolate will help!! What have I got to loose? Just gaining the couple of pounds I lost when I was sick back!!

Off to make some fudge and then rent a movie. . .



Southern Girls

Yes, I am a Southern girl. So what is a Southern girl you ask. We are known for our hospitality, charm, style, manners and hopelessly in love with history and our family traditions.

Our accent gives us away every time and men can't resist the slow drawl that is filled with charm. It has been said that a Southern girl's accent reminds us of the simple pleasures in life.

Southern girls always respond with "Yes, ma'am," "Yes, sir," "Please," "Thank You" and "Bless Your Heart." Etiquette is one of the first words we are taught, Bless Our Hearts. A Southern girl knows the most important thing to remember is that actions speak louder than words.

Sugah, before I leave you I want to share one of our favorite Southern Recipes, Chocolate Gravy. If you were lucky enough to have a Mama that served Chocolate Gravy and Hot Buttered Biscuits when you were a child, Bless Your Heart.

2 Cups Milk (we use 2%)
1 Cup Sugar
3 Tablespoons All Purpose Flour
2 Tablespoons Cocoa
1 Teaspoon Vanilla
Heat milk on medium heat in medium saucepan. While heating your milk, combine the sugar, cocoa and flour; set aside. As soon as milk is hot, add the dry ingredients. Stir with a wire whisk until desired thickness. Remove from heat and add vanilla. Serve over hot buttered biscuits.
Until next time. . . .


Rainy Day

I have found it hard to concentrate today, it has been rainy all day. It all started early this morning with dark clouds and lots of rumbles, you know the perfect sleeping weather. Naturally I needed to run errands today, so out in the rain I went. Back from my errands I started pulling out some art supplies, but I'm just not in the mood this afternoon. I have a couple projects that really need my attention, but they will not get it today. I have an art challenge coming up that I am excited about. Our host will reveal all the details today. I am in hopes that will trigger me to get busy.

Steve and I have plans to go out to eat Saturday. He wants to go to Red Lobster or Olive Garden. I guess since it is Father's Day weekend, the least I can do is let him decide. But then I start thinking what if I don't like his choice or what if we go to his choice and after I order I'm not happy, then I have to pretend everything is great or he will feel bad about his choice.

It is raining here again. Guess we won't have to water the flowers or tomatoes this afternoon. I think it is time to grab a glass of grape Kool-Aid with a slice of lemon and my book and settle in for the duration of the rain.

In honor of my Daddy, here's a little collage I did using his first grade school picture.

Until next time. . . .Create and have FUN.



Random Thoughts

I must start with a hugh THANK YOU to the many of you that emailed me after you received the "Summer Fun Newsletter", with your compliments, your orders, and request for future posting here in the journal. So many of you said you missed my old newsletters that included bits and pieces of my families activities, my favorite recipes and the occasional contest that I did. Emmy said she had read my AboutMe on my website and asked that I share some of my childhood days with you here. After much thought, I have decided I will try to include a little of these request and more in future writings. Today's thoughts have no rhyme or reason, just things I have had on my mind.

Where does my time go? Do you find yourself asking the same question of yourself? I can tell you for the past week I have been fighting a case of bronchial pneumonia. I am beginning to feel like I might live, but it was certainly questionable for a few days. I'm still not sleeping much at night, partly due to the coughing and my mind going 90 to nothing thinking of all the things I want or need to be doing.

Speaking of things I want to do. . .Some of you may have noticed yesterday and last night I was trying to make changes to the style and layout of my journal. As you can see I didn't have much success. I want to customize it to flow with my website style and I know it can be done, but for the life of me I could not get it to work. This is not the first time I have tried it, but this time I am blaming it on lack of sleep and the meds I have been on. I also want to add some links to my ebay auctions, products on my website and a few other things.

If you like whimsical art you have just got to visit my friend Becky's ebay listing. Here's a link to her latest addition, I just love it. Bees In My Bonnet Becky is so talented and a wonderful mentor to me and many others.

I just finished printing a nice card order, so I must find a close to these random thoughts today and finish processing the order so that it goes out in tomorrows mail.

I almost forgot, some of you have been asking me how you would know when I add to my journal. I am going to try to visit here at least every few days so it would probably be best if you want to keep up with my on goings that you book mark us as one of your favorite blog spots. You can also reach my journal via my website if you have that marked. I will be sending updates and new happenings occasionally to my mailing list before I mention them here, so if you have not already done so you might be interested in signing up for my mailing list. If you do you also become eligible for my monthly surprise. Sign Me Up

Time, there it goes again.

Until next time. . . .Create and have Fun!!!!



Orders, Friends & Housekeeping

It has been a busy day here. I received several orders after sending out the Summer Newsletter. Thank you girls!!! While my notecard orders have been printing, I have been doing a little housekeeping to my work area. Need to take a few photos while it is somewhat straightened, but then it would look like I don't do any art. I do like the mess when working!!!!

I received an email this morning from an online friend about my blog. She started one herself the day after I did and we both used the same template. She did some customizing to hers so they are a little different. I thought it was a compliment that we would both use basically the same thing as I have admired her for several years and we both love a vintage style. If you haven't visited Amy at
Inspire Company you really should. I am sure you will find a goodie or two that you just have to have.

No bids on my ebay auctions, but I do have 6 watchers!!!! Feels funny having someone watch my things and not know who they are. Maybe they are waiting until the last minute to bid, I do that sometimes.

Time to package some orders.

Until next time. . . create and have FUN!!!!



Summer Fun

Just finished working on my Summer Newsletter to send to my mailing list. My list has really grown and I am thankful for each and every one that has joined. Today has been a busy day, trying to finish newsletter, keep up to date with my art group and work on some new pieces.

Until next time. . .create and have fun!!!



Ebay here I come

What a short weekend!!! The Art Show/Sale went well. Sold one of my originals "Old Fashioned Flowers" and several packages of notecards.

I decided I would try Ebay again with some of my originals, so yesterday and this morning I have been working on write ups and images. I finally have 8 pieces listed. My user name on ebay is vintagecollage if you would like to take a look. Hope I don't get discouraged before I actually sell one. You never know what will happen.

I know my new art group thinks I have totally skipped the country, but I needed to get several things done before I started posting as I sometimes loose track of time reading and responding to everyone. I hope they understand.

Until next time. . . . create and have fun!!!!!!



Wishing For Ice Cream

I tried my hand at adding color to my work. Nothing says color like LIME GREEN!!!!


Art Show

I didn't complete all the pieces I had hoped to before the Art Show started this morning, but I am well represented. Already making plans for the next one. Maybe if I start now I will be ready for it in November!!!!

I need to send out a newsletter letting all of my fans know I have started my blog and they can check here for updates to the site or to just see what I am or am not doing!!

I started a new yahoo art group last month, Mixed Media Artists. I have been amazed and delighted at the response. Talk about inspiration, we have some of the most talented and gifted artists that have joined us.

A few months ago I became friends with Deb of "Cowboy's Sweetheart". You know the kind of friend you meet and after a few minutes you feel like you have known each other forever. As most of you know I love images of vintage children and Deb sent me the most wonderful book, Frontier Children. It is filled with the most precious children and I can not wait to bring them to life again.

I have to remember school is out and I have children at home, and I don't want them to think I spend all my time on the computer so I had better get busy creating.

Until next time, create and have Fun!!!!



Something New Something Old

For months I have been reading and enjoying the blogs some of my fellow artists and friends have started and decided I had put off starting my own for long enough. So here it is for the world to read. My blog is a place to share with you some of my everyday thoughts, my latest creations and keep you updated with what's going on with Debbie Overton Designs.

Normally I would share these thoughts and creations within one of the many journals I have made over the years making it for my eyes only. Since I decided to join the blog world I thought what better way than share my "Second Time Around Journals". They are created with old book covers and filled with vintage book pages, watercolor papers, scrapbook papers, old receipts, BINGO cards, old letters, torn and tattered papers that can be written over, painted on, doodled on or whatever I am so inclinded to do. Here are a few photos of some of the journals I have been making since I was pregnant with Colby my 21 y/o. The first one I made I carried with me everywhere. I used it to journal my thoughts, draw, test paints and techniques and more. Since I use book rings I can add or remove papers whenever I want. I have been know to take a page and use in my collage work or find an interesting paper, punch holes in it and add to the journal for future use. During my 6 month check up, a girl at the doctors office saw me doodling in one while waiting and asked if I sold them. At the time I didn't, but I quickly told her yes and I would be happy to bring a few by in a few days for her to choose from. Four days later I stopped by the office with 6 journals and sold all 6 of them.

Since I use old book covers, they vary in size and content. I usually tie on a vintage ribbon or two and then add more embellishments as I come across things of interest with each journal. The covers are always left as is so that each individual can make it their own. Sometimes I don't add anything to my cover as I enjoy the look and feel of the old book in my hands. If you are interested in ordering one, email me or you will find them for sale on my website.

For almost 22 yrs I have sold these journals to friends, neighbors, gift shops and given a few to art friends all because I carried one with me to my 6 month check up. I have orders to fill to ship to shops on the east and west coast and in between, plus I am participating in a local Art Show starting tomorrow and need to finish up a few things.

I will be back hopefully with a few pics of the Art Show once I figure out how everything works here.

Until then, create and have fun!!!!