Can you Imagine?

Can you imagaine having 5, 6, 7, 8 or more children? I can't....three is more than I can handle at times and they are practially grown at 23, 19 and 18 in 42 days (she is counting). Why do they think 18 is a magic number....that they will be grown, an adult, know everything, can do anything. Atleast the boys turned 18, the day came and went and they didn't notice this huge change.

This is one of the collages on display at the exhibit and it has been a big hit with moms. It read "Please I do not want another child. We could buy a dog."

Do I really want a dog? No, been there, done that! Not that they aren't wonderful companions, I just do not want the responsiblities that come with them. In ways the dog we had for 17 years was easier to take care of than the kids. I put its food and water in bowls on the floor and she didn't make a mess with it. I opened the door and she went outside to take care of her business, no missing the toilet because you were playing with the car you took with you that before you left you dropped in the toilet and while trying to retrieve it splashed water everywhere. I could leave her at home alone to run to the grocery store and when we said it's time for bed, Nissan was the first to take off. I bet you have some stories you could share too.

Now days I get an email, text message or a note stuck to my bathroom mirror to let me know......there is an extra tennis practice after school, need money for this or that, I'm out of cookies, tuition is due tomorrow, etc.

I do miss those days when they were little tots running around but I try to cherish each moment with them. I don't see the boys but every few months since the move, but we talk on the phone every few days. Kaycee and I spend lots of girl time together....watching movies, eating cookie dough, shopping, visiting the beach, and a girls day for hair and nails.

Can you imagine having 5, 6, 7, 8 or more and doing all we do for our children now days?

Until next time.....Enjoy your children, no matter how many you have.



Updating Links

I am finally getting around to adding back some of my favorite links. If you would like to add me to your blog links, I will be happy to add you to mine. Let me know when you have me added and I will do the same.

Until next time.....Back to the html!!!!



Happy Valentine's Day

I hope each of you are having a wonderful Valentine's Day with someone special. This little fellow has been a favorite of my vintage postcard collection for many years.

Until next time.....Happy Valentine's Day to my family and friends!!



Up and Away

The Okefenokee Heritage Center artists reception went well last night. It was said to be the biggest turn out they have ever had. I met some of the most wonderful people, heard and overheard lots of compliments and answered many questions. Several were interested in having custom pieces done using their own family memorabilia and I am so happy to share "Up and Away" one of my favorite pieces sold last night during the reception.

Below are a few of the many photos my daughter took of my artwork on display at the Okefenokee Heritage Center.

I hope to have all the pieces uploaded to my website over the weekend if you would like to see more of them.
Thank you for the emails and phone calls from friends and family Wednesday night and Thursday wishing me a great night.
Until next time.....I'm working on website updates.


Artist Of The Month

I have been creating day and night for weeks upon weeks for this day. Today is the start of the February Artists Of The Month at the Okefenokee Heritage Center, an art center and history museum serving eight counties in Southeast Georgia. I was selected as one of two artists to exhibit February 1 - 28, in Waycross Georgia. The OHC quarterly newsletter, four Press Releases and 400+ invitations to attend the "Meet the Artists" Reception Thursday the 8th, have all gone out.....Now I just need to find something to wear!!!

Here's a little snippet of several of the collages that are on exhibit. I will be posting all exhibit art on my website in the next few weeks.


Practice Makes Perfect
Fruits and Blossoms

If you are in the Waycross area please join me Thursday, February 8th, 5:30 - 7 PM and introduce yourself.
Until next time......I'll be trying to play catch up, update my website and process recent orders.