Photo Credit: Kaycee Dillion
Right after we moved to South Georgia I spotted this pretty like shrub covered in clusters of clear blue flowers. We recently hired a landscaper to work with me in getting my new yard covered in blooming flowers and evergreens. As we began talking about designs I mentioned I wanted something planted around my 911 sign. The pretty white post with the little blue signage sporting our house number needed some color and I knew what I wanted. I described the clear blue flowers....they were in clusters covering the shrub.....before I could finish he told me I was talking about a PLUMBAGO. And he had some small ones left over from a job that he would bring down and plant for me. One of them was a tiny little thing.....but we decided to plant it for the time being. Saturday morning as I was pulling out of my driveway.....I spotted a handful of tiny blue flowers....starting to bloom on the little Plumbago. I can not wait until next spring to see what they have in store for me.
Until next time.....Enjoy the Blooms!


I'm On A Journey

Finally....I have found time to create again....I have been on a Journey with my art and am now Traveling in a direction that makes me happy....I have reevaluated my life and my priorities.....I am making time for the people and things that make me happy and it shows in all of my accomplishments. And there is more to Time.

My latest collages are on 6" x 6" gallery wrap canvas with collage/painted 1.5" depth...ready to hang - no frame needed.

Each mixed media collage goes through 6 to 10 steps from beginning to end. Layer upon layers of acrylics, colored pencils, oil pastels, inks, and embellished with original antique and or vintage papers, photos, snippets of reprinted ephemera, and other elements accumulate to give each piece depth, texture and detail. Each piece is signed and gets a coat of beeswax which adds a soft translucent mellowness.



I have 6 more completed, however I am unable to share them at the moment....they are for a Gallery or publication.

Until next time.....Enjoy the moment, whatever it may be.



Thinking of Christmas

I am working on my Best Places to Shop for Christmas Gifts.....I will be listing these places on my blog over the next few weeks.

Are you an Artisan creating unique handcrafted items and sell them from your Website, Blog and/or Etsy Shop?

Do you own a Speciality Shop (Brick & Mortar)?

If your answer is yes and you would like a little free holiday advertising.....

Send me an email (debbieoverton @ with Christmas Shopping in the subject line if you would like for me to consider you as one of the best places to shop for Christmas gifts.

Make sure you include the following information:
  • Your Name (First & Last)
  • Name of Shop, Website, Blog and/or Etsy Shop
  • B & M Shop physical address (I must be able to verify) or
  • Link to Website, Blog and/or Etsy Shop (Must be a working link)
  • Blurb about your business

Please Note: I may or may not be able to use all of the request for consideration, however all that are verified will be used if at all possible. I will also include a few photos along and will contact you if I need one from you. If you would like to send me your business card, I will be happy to add it with your highlight.

I look forward to hearing from you. Check back often to see if you are one of the featured Best Places to Shop for Christmas.

Don't forget to share my blog link with your friends if they too create unique handcrafted items or own a Speciality Shop.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.



Flea Market Finds

On our drive to Georgia, I spotted so many flea markets and antique shops and was lucky enough to have one of them about 20 minutes from our new home. Needless to say I have made many stops at that shop since our move. On one of my recent stops I found I few things that had my name on them.

This newspaper is The Boston Daily Globe from Wednesday, July 28, 1897. The pages are so brittle on the outside, but inside it is really not too bad.

Here is a 1893, 100 Ft Metallic Tape Measure from The Lufkin Rule Co in great shape and it works.....Yes! It still works....The little winding mechanism works perfectly.

This wonderful stack of antique sheet music is full of the late 1800 and early 1900's, including The Etude, a music magazine dated September 1913. Many of the sheets are extremely worn and torn, but I am already finding they are perfect for my artwork. Lost among the sheets were even some scores of music that had been done by hand.

This little cigar box was found at another Antique Shop that I just happened upon a few weeks ago. It was sitting in the floor under a bookcase and was filled with old bottles. It is very worn, but once I emptied it and picked it up....The rest was history.

I have sad news.....The shop that is so close to me....The one I stop at everytime I go by if they are open....Is going out of business. I was so sadden to hear this....I think of it as loosing a very special friend. I will miss my little stops and it will be hard to drive by, but I will be on the look out for another one just as special as this one.

Until next time....I'm back to my art! Yes, I am creating again and will share with you very soon.