Stepping Outside the Box

I found a new art shop several months ago and have been eyeing this box of 72 Faber-Castell Soft Pastels. Years ago I started with a small box of half length and would pick up a stick here and there. I finally could not resist this box of eye candy. I kept telling myself I would never use all those bright colors, but this particular day I was having a weak moment and added it to the other supplies I was placing on the counter. On the way home I kept thinking I had lost my mind, I don't use bright. Later that night all excited I shared some of the buys of the day and Steve and the kids go but why did you buy all those bright colors, you don't use them.

That's just it.....I don't use them, but who is to say I can't or won't. I am determined to try them out on a project I am working on. So far I have played it safe with using naples yellow, earth green, cinamon and nougat on this particular piece which are the same ones I have always used.

Why is it so hard to step outside the box? The fear of the unknown?? Rejection??? I have never backed down from anything and these little half length pastels in all their glory have me needing some Xanax!!!!! Can you say panic attack?

Until next time......Since I don't do Xanax I'm thinking a fudge bar might work.



Every Moment

Live Every Moment Like It's Your Last has always been one of my favorite sayings. That little phrase has been around for quite some time although sometimes with a slightly different wording here and there. While picking up a prescription in a local pharmacy/gift shop I came to a complete stop in front of a picture frame. I stood there admiring it while thinking of someone I had met over two and half years ago through the Internet. We hit if off immediately and corresponded with emails, cards, gifts and long phone calls.

Back to the gift shop.....

Sitting on the shelf next to that picture frame was a framed print of a poem about living every moment as if there were no tomorrow, if there are things unsaid then say them now as you may not have another tomorrow, and put the past behind you. As I stood there some wonderful memories came to mind and I picked up the picture frame headed home, wrote a little note, boxed it up and then was afraid to mail it. Almost a year ago we were as close as sisters even though we had never met in person. She gave me some of my most treasured art advice, helped me build a wonderful art group, and I have missed our friendship.

Steve saw the package a few days later and asked about it. After a long talk that night, I decided to mail the thinking of you gift expecting nothing in return.

Several days later I receive a little thank you note for the gift and when I pulled out the card, lo and behold, right there stamped on the front was Live every moment like it's your last. This little card is sitting on my desk next to my monitor so that I see it every time I get online.

I wonder if this is our way of trying to reach out to each other again after so long. She is one of my most frequent visitors to my blog/website even though I have not visited hers in so long. I tried to give her a call earlier today and while I was checking my blog stats tonight, saw she had visited within the hour, so I once again tried to reach her by phone.

Until next time.....I have opened the door and know in my heart I have done the right thing. My hope is that she will come in, but should she decide not to, I wish her all the best.



A First for Me

Today was a first for me. No children in high school. We got KC moved into her dorm this past Saturday, spent the night and then started that long 6 hr drive home Sunday without her. It took us maybe 20 minutes to actually unload our vehicle and it was packed. When we pulled up to her dorm we were met by 4 boys offering to help and Steve started handing them things. With arm loads they followed KC to her room and returned for more. Now it took us 7 hrs to get everything set up.....bed, laptop and printer connections, closet shelving, etc.......3 trips to Wally World......and then a visit to Pet Land. Her best friend, Syd of 17 yrs gave her a fish bowl with "Wish You Were Here" printed on it for graduation along with a note that had something to do with Pink Floyd and they both would get a fish once they were moved into their dorms. After getting the fish settled we headed to the dining hall for BBQ with the school president and then it was time for us to say our goodbyes. She will be calling me if she reads this and sees this pic. Steve shot it as we were pulling off.

We had not even gotten down the hill before Steve's phone rang.....she already had a question about her laptop. We've talked a few times and she seems to be having a ball. Loves her roommate and suite mates.

Here's another shot that was taken without someone knowing I did it.
Seth started his Sophomore classes today here closer to home. Sixteen hours was just a little too far for all of us. KC wants to think he came back home so I wouldn't miss her so much and I will admit it did make getting up this morning a little easier. He seemed to enjoy today. The classes are about half the size he was use to. So I'm not completely an empty nest, but almost.

I was waiting to post until Sara at Sadie Olive had received an order she recently placed with me for a couple of my CollageScape PhotoFrames and she beat me in posting. She received them, loaded some great pics on her blog and website while I was out of town. If you're not a fan of Sara's you will be once you visit.
Sara over at Sadie Olive posted the CollageScape PhotoFrames she is carrying in her online shop. Click on her logo above to visit. I just love her new logo that Hope Wallace at Paper Relics created. Sara has posted some great photos of the frames and given me such a nice shout out. I hope the frames do well for her. While you are there be sure to check out all the cool things Sara has to offer.

Have some new art news I will share with you soon. Just need to get a few of the details worked out first.

Until next time......Grab your favorite drink and give Sara a visit.



Fun at the Beach

Sharing a couple of pics of the kids at the beach from this past weekend. Can't remember if this one was taken at St. Simons or Jekyll Island all I know is it was 99 and felt like 121 according to The Weather They were watching the dolphins which I didn't catch in any of my shots.
This is my has been a long time since I got their footprints. All of these belong to Colby, Seth and Kaycee.....back and forth, back and forth to get drinks or snacks.
On another note.....we almost have Kaycee packed. We leave in the morning for Rome, GA. Move in day is Saturday. She is excited and a wee bit nervous too I think. Our phones have rung off the wall today with friends and family calling, plus many came by to see her one last time before she leaves. You would think she was leaving the country and not coming back anytime soon. Still need to make a run to Bed Bath & Beyond for a shower caddy. How could I have forgotten to add that to her legal pad list!!!
Until next time.....Keep me in your prayers as this is going to be a hard weekend....leaving her 7 hrs away. Be back Monday.


Delta Delivered

That's my baby on that big plan. It is still hard to believe he is old enough to fly by himself. He has reminded me several times today he is 24 and does a lot of things by himself now! Imagine that!!!! It's been a really long day and everyone is winding down or at least they appear to be. It is hard to tell when all 3 are sitting in the family room with their laptop in front of them. But I do know I have played out and heading to bed. We have lots of things to do and see over the next several days so I better get some sleep while I can.

Until next time.....I'm off to the beach tomorrow. See you in a few days.