A New Chapter Begins

Today a new chapter begins here in our home. We are relocating to the Georgia coast. Pretend you are visiting me in Georgia and as we sit on our deck and sip iced tea this is the peaceful view we have. Yes this is what I will be looking out to each and every day come June.

It is so true, when you least expect it, things will happen. Steve has received many job calls over our 7 years asking him if he would be interested in a position here or there, but when he got the most recent call it was a total shock as he had never even completed an application. It was a once in a life time opportunity, not only a job that he has been working towards for 25+ years, but a chance to secure a better future for our children and their future families, and our retirement. The kids think a company truck for business and personal use was pretty good too.

For several months Steve has been talking with Georgia Pacific / Koch Industries after receiving an unexpected phone call inquiring if he would be interested in overseeing the East Coast mills. He was flown out the week after Thanksgiving to interview for a corporate management position to oversee their plants in FL and south GA. He is now the southeast area electronics manager.

Steve started his new job today, and the kids and I have plans to move the first of June. We have an apartment in the Walden Shores area in north Brunswick, GA, around an hours drive south of Savannah. Seth, Kaycee and I will spend Spring Break there. We have made arrangements for Kaycee to shadow one of the students there in the high school while there. Apartment living will be a change for all of us, but we didn't want to rush the house hunting. We want to be able to really check out the area(s) and find the perfect home for us.

I originally planned to stay here until Kaycee graduated next year, but she is ready to move. She has been checking out the school online and it looks like she won't have any problems transferring. She actually has 4 credits more right now than they require, so all she really would have to take next year is English 12, 2nd yr of Spanish, and Georgia history. and would still be able to graduate with honors. She wanted to go with Steve, but that didn't happen, as he will have to travel several nights a week and she is not staying by herself in a new town. She keeps reminding us that she will be 17 in April, going off to college in another year, and we will be living in a gated community with security code entrance!!! Still it did not happen.

Seth has been looking at Louisiana Tech, UA at Fort Smith, Arkansas Tech and GA Tech. He is going into Engineering so any of the schools would be good, but GA would be better, closer to Mom!!!

As most of you know, Colby now lives in Little Rock and seems to be excited about the move also. He said now he has a place to come for vacation, this coming from our oldest workaholic that hates the beach!!! According to Kaycee, she has checked out the distance to everything, we are 6 minutes from the beach, 10 to the mall, 8 to the high school and only 3 hrs to Disney! Tell me she doesn't have her priorities right!!

We have tons of things to do over the next several months including all the Senior activities, dance recital, Beta Club convention, National Honors activities, declutter a house that we have lived in since 1989, do a few things to the house before we put it on the market, and etc, then be ready for the movers the last week of May to load us up.

As for Debbie Overton Designs, I will not be adding anything new or making any major changes to the website for several months. I have many ideas that I want to share, but they will all have to wait until we make the move and I get things settled.

If any of you find that you don't have enough to do, just let me know as my to do list consist of many pages and growing as I type this.

Please keep all of us and our families in your thoughts and prayers as we make this major relocation in our lives.

Debbie, Steve, Seth & Kaycee


firstborn studio said...

a beautiful view,you so deserve!!!
wishing you well always,

Anonymous said...

welcome to georgia - we visit your area with our church youth regularly - epworth by the sea at st simons. best wishes - teresa

Deb said...

Hurray, Debbie! Isn't this exciting? I hope you have an extra bedroom, cause I will be visiting the Overtons!


Joelle said...

Wow! That looks like a fantastic place!! Postive thoughts for a peaceful transition!

Christine said...

Sounds like everything is going well -- I'm so glad!!! :)

Sharon Wisely said...

Let the adventure begin for you and yours--sounds and looks wonderful.