Boxes, Boxes & More Boxes

I am still lost among boxes as you can see. Yes, I know I have been here almost a month and some of you are thinking what has she been doing all this time. Well I spent the first week here just overwhelmed with boxes and all there was to do. Second week was spent at St. Augustine Beach with me playing in the sand and shopping during the day, while Steve was overseeing a job there. Nights were dinner and sitting on the beach watching the moon come up. Third week I went back to Arkansas to visit with my family, Seth & I had orientation at LA Tech for 3 days and I spend Father's Day weekend with my Dad. The kids and I left Arkansas at 5 AM the Monday afterwards and arrived here at 9:10 PM. The boxes were still here and slowly but surely we are working our way through them.

Breakfast Nook.....I think 2 of those boxes may be empty, but we have run out of room in the garage to put them.

More boxes in the dining room. We actually have a path around the table and it is usually cleared off so we can atleast sit down for a meal every now and then.
Can you believe this is the garage?
Yes, it really is an oversized garage full of boxes and furniture and this and that. The table and chairs you see here belong in the breakfast nook. Hopefully today they will find there way there.
Another view of the boxes in the garage. Once I pull all of the Christmas boxes to the side and we get those in the attic it will help.

Our goal for today is separate the garage boxes into attic, studio and other. Put the attic ones there, studio in my little space while I am waiting on my studio to be built and the OTHER, who knows what they are will be gone through one box at a time.

I also plan to bring out every box in the house that has not been emptied to the garage so that I can arrange furniture and actually place things where I want them. The Great Room, Bathrooms and Kids rooms are very livable, but I need our Bedroom done NOW. We have boxes 2 wide, 3 and 4 stacked running the complete length of one wall. That is 18 feet of boxes!!!!!!!

Until next time.....I am back with the boxes and to think some of you thought I was kidding when I said I had boxes everywhere!!!!!!


PS Will post a few pics I took while at the beach soon.


maggiegracecreates said...

I laughed when I read this. We moved on the 4th of July 15 years ago into the house we are in now. There are still boxes in the attic that I have not opened. Mom says toss them, but I lost my dad's knives in the process - so I have to go through them all before i donate to charity. Best wishes on getting it all together.

Have a beautiful day.

Deb said...

OOOOOOOh! Ye Great Queen of Boxes! Lordy Mercy, Girl! You weren't kiddin'. Good grief and C-RAP is all I can say. Maybe you could have a bonfire to celebrate the 4th??? No, wait! You might accidentally burn a full box, and it might have your ART SUPPLIES in it! That would be the "unkindest cut of all," as ole Shakespeare would say. So, work, work, work & get ye gone, foul boxes, so that this fine lady might creatith some more worthy art! Happy 4th, my dear friend.


liz said...

you're scaring me!! we move in 3 weeks--in between going to california--i know--not great timing!! i was already feeling a bit intimidated by the boxes lying around here waiting to be filled!!--now i'm just plain TERRIFIED!! do you think they duplicate themselves during the night?!! LOL!
good luck with it all!
liz xx

kathywas said...

OMG! It looks like the only people that I see in these photographs are the wooden cut-out ones in the last picture! By the time Christmas gets here, you won't want to open another box!!! Maybe you could just add some Christmas wrap and send them on to family and friends. That should clear out some of them!

AILEEN said...

Debbie this is the first chance I have ever got a glimpse at your blog. I think your home is beautiful!! Don't worry as a veteran mover you have a year to get those boxes emptied anything past that is ano no!!LOL!!