Good Time

Steve's been out of town which means I work until the wee hours of the morning! I do this alot when he is home too, but almost always when he is gone. Good Time is a 5x7 done on Claybord with lots of acrylics, tons of gesso, snippets of original book page, ledger page and old letter from several other pieces I am working on, colored pencils, charcoal pencil and a first for me......hand drawn images! I doodle and draw all the time, I just don't share it. I am one of those that tells myself I can't draw.....well you may be looking at that flower thinking she's right, she can't draw....but you have to start somewhere and what one person calls okay is another's great.

Until next time........I have a piece that needs something and it is just not happening. Maybe I should have a V8!!!!!!!



Kris Henderson said...

This is really a pretty piece. Very soft and lovely. Good for you drawing your own images!

Heather Robinson said...

This is lovely, Debbie...very dream -like and delicate.

Karine said...

I really like this piece, Debbie. Very quiet and soft as I like art. Thanks for sharing!

Aunt T said...

Very pretty. I love your work. I too work until the wee hours, especially when DH isn't home. It's amazing what we can get done!