Doodle vs Stress

Several weeks ago during a phone conversation with a friend, she ask how did I keep up with everything I do. It is quite simple, I have a calendar that anything and everything goes into. It is always within reach, so while we were chatting I opened it up and there right in front of me was a month full of activities, reminders, to do's and doodles!!! Yes I doodle when I am on the phone and most of the time it is in my calendar. Looking back through this year, I realized the more stress I am under the more I doodle.

I use my calendar for business, family and church activities. You will find menus, library due dates, birthdays, holidays, get togethers, orders shipped, phone calls to make, kids club meetings, sports, band, dance, orders placed, to do list, grocery list and more. Most things are written in pencil to easily make changes if necesary, but I will often write over past activities in color pencils or markers while doodling. I draw, okay I try to draw things. This reminds me I need to stick to collaging with papers & found objects and leave the drawing to others!

Here's my April calendar. You can see it was not too stressful for me as the doodles are light and only here and there.

September has been another story. . .tons of things going on. Getting kids back into the swing of school, schedules and routines. Maybe it was me that was having to get back in the routine that was stressful, as they seem to have done quite well.

I have had part of this post saved as a draft for several weeks. A couple days ago I had someone request to join my art group and while viewing some of her art work she had included her calendar page while she was on vacation. I was so excited to see someone else was a doodler.

Do you doodle? It is mindlessly done? When do you doodle?

Since today is the last day of September, I am thinking I will try to post my calendar at the end of each month for you to see. Need to go add this to my calendar, so I don't forget!

Until next time. . .Create and have Fun!!!



abbytrysagain said...

I just LOVE your calanders! THey are totally beautiful works of art. I especially like the april one. You are awesome

Delila said...

I am glad that i found your blog and net site...

here is mine, if you are interested...

Delila said...

I posted a e-mail for you. Hopefully you got it...
Sometimes i don't trust in e-mails.