Rolling Pin or Brayer

When most artists hear the word "Brayer" they think of a roller used to apply color to their art, usually for backgrounds. Some are acrylic, some are foam and some are rubber and come in hard or soft. Here is a typical brayer used by artists.

Brayers are also great for burnishing - to make smooth. Recently I was having problmes with air bubbles after gluing my images to my background. The advice I was given was to use a brayer, well not having one I improvised.

Who needs a rolling pin when Phillsbury Doughboy makes the best Pie Crust already rolled and ready to use! I pulled out my little rolling pin that I have had for over 20 years and honestly I can't think of one time I actually used it. It is no longer kept in my kitchen. It is perfect to run across my artwork and make sure all the air bubbles are out and works great to seal all the edges. Here's my Brayer.

Do you have any tools or supplies that you use that others would consider "Outside the Box?"

Until next time. . . Create and have Fun!!!



céline navarro said...

DEBBIE!!! I got your AWESOME socks this morning in the mail!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE THEM!!!!!! and i love frogs so much!!!


xoxox C.

Anonymous said...

Yes Debbie, I have an "out of the box" item that I use... Chopsticks! I grab a few extras every time we pick up chinese food. I use them to apply dabs of gel medium (no messy brushes to clean...!) I use them to make polka-dots with paint. I especially love them to hold down an item that's been hot glued so no burned fingers!! They are my hands down favorite art tool! And free!
Love your blog sweetie!!

Your "door knockin' freak...oops...friend,

Deb Trotter said...


How COOl are you! What a great idea! I see that you are using it on one of your pieces for the store!
May I borrow it? I know someone who needs a whack on the head (No names, of course)

Stacie Rife said...

I use mine for a brayer too!!! I also bought the pampered chef utensil caddy to hold my pencils brushes etc etc!!!

LOVE your work, website, and blog!!!!!