Children Inside

I just love it when I run to check the mail and someone has sent me a little surprise. Some call it a RAK (Random Act of Kindness), I call it heaven. Yesterday in my little box was an envelope marked Fragile, Do Not Bend, Handle with Care, Children Inside. Yes, Children Inside.....and sure enough I pulled out a little package all wrapped in pink tissue and tied with a tiny ribbon....there inside were Children much to my delight. My friend Lizzie whom I have met through my website had found this photo and thought they would be perfect to add to all of my adopted children I have rescued from Flea Markets, Antique Shops, Estate Sales, Auctions and some places others dare to tread.

Since my move I have been having art many other things that seem to always take up my time and the fact that I am having to make do with a temporary studio at the moment does not help. Art is a stress relief for me and I have decided that no matter what I will be making time for me and my art. So what if the floors need to be swept again for the 3rd time today, there are clothes in the dryer from 2 days ago, I still have an oversized 2 car garage filled wall to wall, floor to ceiling with boxes, the art site I run is 6 months behind with updates to the gallery and links pages of the website, my personal website is in need of major attention and dinner will be at the Hooterville Diner again tonight. Starting today I will take time to play with my art supplies, atleast those that I have been able to find and all of my other responsibilities will be taken care of in time, but on my time schedule.

So Lizzie, if by chance you are reading this.....THANK YOU for my precious children. They are now safely tucked away in one of my old sewing machine drawers with many siblings waiting their turn to be featured in one of my upcoming pieces of art.

Thank you for reminding me to remove the things that cause stress and unhappiness and to surround myself with friends and family and the things that truly bring a smile.

Until next time....I will be creating a little art.



kathywas said...

What a wonderful gift! Isn't it heart-warming to receive such unexpected surprises from friends, especially when it's something that you know that they picked out ESPECIALLY for you! Too bad that the girl in the picture isn't able to help you unpack some of those boxes!!

melba said...

Since I started blogging I have received little packages in the mail...that feeling seeing something special just for you can not be beat!

Cris said...

Great post Debbie! I totally agree that our art ahould be a part of our daily lives, and not something we make time for at the end of a long list of chores. I have felt a tremendous amount of relief at the end of a project well done. I'm always exhausted physically, but still feel a deep amount of satisfaction. I LOVE your post and will refer to it often for inspiration. xoxo