Letting Go

The time finally came last Sunday to Let Go. . .As many of you know we moved our middle son, Seth to Louisiana Tech this past weekend. He was ready and we thought we were, but quickly found out driving away from the dorm was one of the hardest things we have ever had to do. It is hard to believe this sweet little curly head boy is now living 13 hrs away and having a blast while I am here trying to adjust to the quietness in the house everyday without him.

After we got everything unloaded and in his dorm room we all went out to have lunch and make that final trip to Wally World for the things we forgot and soon found we needed. Upon our return to the dorm I offered to make his bed and was quickly told, "Mom I have made my own bed for the past 7 years and I can do it now". Can you believe it? He actually admitted he could do something without my help!! We offered to help him unpack some of his things and again with one of the sweetest smiles, he said "I would really like to put my things up myself so that I know where everything is, if it is okay with you Mom". Of course, Steve took that as a sign he was ready for us to leave and let him begin the next step in his life. We all walked to our vehicle together, said our goodbyes with hugs and kisses. As we drove off he said, "Mom I Love You, too" and waved.

It has been five days and I will admit each day gets a little easier. That is until I make a trip to my bathroom mid-morning....He loved to take his shower in our bathroom and would always close the blinds that I had opened earlier that morning after getting dressed, but he never opened them back. It is the little things like the bathroom blinds never closing after I open them, reaching into the cabinet to get a bowl and the only white Fiesta bowl I have being the next one available, that was his favorite bowl to use, no sounds from the TV or video games coming from his room and his door always closed. When it was just the two of us home, he always kept his door open.

Until next time....I will be keeping myself busy!!!



Nancy James said...

As a mama of 3 (20,18 and 16) I know how hard it is adjusting.
My 18 year old has been gone over 9 months in the military. I wish I could say it gets easier - but at least he will be home on holidays!!!

lia (artjunkgrl) said...

oh my goodness...was browsing her from MMCA link and saw this post. I just did this "drive home" last weekend after dropping off my daughter in another state. wow, I think I relived every special moment from her childhood on the way home and yes, I still think she is going to show up at I'm trying to keep busy too. your son sounds happy and that is what makes it all a bit easier.

kathywas said...

Oh, Debbie..I feel your pain! I remember when my first son went off to collage. I cried the whole drive home! His bedroom looked so barren without all of his personal pillows on his bed, no posters on the wall, no name it. But the pain will soon end, and you can replace the pain with something that will bring you happiness and do what I did...turn his room into your art studio!

liz said...

oh debbie--what a hard thing to do! my boys are a few years off leaving home yet--but your post really made me think. am going to give all 3 of them extra big hugs tonight! thinking of you
liz xx

Christine said...

awwwww...... You are doing fine, Debbie!! The blinds.... that'll be the kind of thing I miss, too --

Miz Carla said...

sending big hugs girlie. I know that feeling myself. I miss all the messes and the way my big boy could never seem to put a lid back onto anything :D

It'll get easier.


alex said...

Happily I found your blog! Admire your work immensely. So many changes happening for you! Hope things settle soon so that you can feed your art need! :-)

vintagecollage said...

Thank you to each one for your thoughts and prayers....Hope those of you going through this for the first time have adjusted somewhat as I have. Each day things get easier. I am now actually going in and out of his room with a smile!