Christmas ~ This and That

Only a few more days to get those Christmas gifts ordered to insure delivery. And to help you, here are three more Great Places to Christmas Shop.

"Vintage China for the Shabby Dog & Snappy-Happy Delights for their People, too."

The best smelling little shop in South Georgia! Francie's handcrafted candles will make you think you just walked into your local bakery, plus she has oodles of other wonderful treasures.

Artful jewelry & accessories for all of the special moments in life.

If things are anything like they are at my house then you are one busy elf. I am working on orders, planning a Christmas Party for 30-35 teenagers on the 20th, still have some shopping to do, trying to do a few final touches to the Christmas decorating....we didn't pull everything from the attic, actually we have not found all of our Christmas boxes from the move. I decided not to even think about unboxing the 152 Dickens Village Houses and their accesories. Our 8 ft tree has only half the twinkle lights and ornaments that I normal cover it with....some of those boxes are still missing in action. Kaycee decorated most of the tree this year....just like the kids did when they were little....everything is at eye level and pretty much in one spot....I did move a few things around last night as there were no ornaments above 6 ft!!! And I am okay with all of I am enjoying things just as they are.

We will be celebrating Christmas with our Families back in Arkansas and I will get to spend time with my boys!!!! It has been 24 years since I woke up in my parents home on Christmas morning. Steve, Colby, Seth, Kaycee and I will have our own little Christmas things will be different for us this year but the most important thing is that we will all be together for a few days.

Until next time.....Remember the reason for the season!!!


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