Happy Holidays

I hope this find each of you enjoying this holiday season. We have been busy around here. Those last minute orders have all been shipped, the house is decorated, and the shopping is complete!!! Here it is 12:45 AM....and we are leaving at 4:30 for Arkansas!!!! Everything is ready to go....all we have to do is load the vehicle and hit the highway. I am so excited....I will see both of my boys and spend the next week with ALL of my family. I hope each of you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I'll be back next year with lots of new things to share.

Until then....Happy Holidays!!!


christine said...

Debbie -- hope you are having a lovely time :)

HAPPYYYYYY HOLIDAYS to you and your family!

vintagecollage said...

Christine ~ Thank you for your holiday wishes. We had a wonderful time with our families. Debbie