Patchwork Bag

I just had to share with you my Patchwork Bag that my friend Debra Cooper of Little Black kitty made for me. I love it....it is so big and roomy....and the shoulder strap is wide and will stay on your shoulder even when you have it filled to overflowing!! I had asked Debra to make me one of her Patchwork Bags and she surprised me and had it ready before Christmas.

What a great gift to give yourself!! It arrived the day before we were to leave for Arkansas and I wanted to take a peek even though she had sent me this photo (hope you don't mind my using the great photo you took Debra). I had told her I was going to wrap it and open Christmas morning. Well I didn't get to peek....she had wrapped it absolutely beautiful in gold tissue and ribbons. It was worth the wait to open. Don't you agree?

I told her to surprise me using pinks and browns, my favorite colors. The patchwork of fabrics is gorgeous and it has a page from the nursery rhyme, I Had a Little Husband.

I had a little husband, no bigger than my thumb;

I put him in a pint-pot, and there I bid him drum.

I gave him some garters, to garter up his hose,

And a little pocket handkerchief to wipe his pretty nose.

Debra, thank you so much for my bag....I use it everyday and love it.

Until next time.....if you are looking for a Great Bag, you really should visit Debra and tell her I sent you.



Kristy C said...

that is too cool!!! I love the colors and the image that is on there is too cute!

Gypsy Purple said...

So lovely --great gift

Roxi said...


Love the bag!

P.S. Tag you're it! DivaDeb tagged me and had me list 6 weird things about myself...care to play!?!


vintagecollage said...

Thanks for visiting girls! Debbie