New Year Beginnings

Have the past few days found you reflecting on the past year? I certainly did....there have been some wonderful changes for me as well as our family. We have had some fun surprises along with a few trying times.

One year ago we made the decision to move from Arkansas to Georgia....a major move for us. We had been in the same small town, the same home our two youngest children had ever known, both of our families were a two hour drive away, our oldest son lived a little less than 3 hours from us, our middle son would be starting his first year of collage an hour and a half away, and our daughter would begin our senior year of High School in the fall. After many late night talks and lots of prayers we knew this was what we were to do. Steve left for Georgia in January leaving the kids and I to finish out the school year. It was one of the longest and shortest six months....we bought a home in Georgia, sold our home in Arkansas, had one to graduate High School, said goodbyes to family and friends and after a 16 hour drive met the movers at our new home. There have been many adjustments, some went smooth, some took a little getting use too, but as I type this posting I can honestly say we are beginning to feel at home here.

As for my Art, things were put on hold for most of the year as we prepared for a move and then as we settled in, but since September there have been some wonderful things happening. My art group, MMCA went through some changes and came out better for it. I have been creating for several shops and galleries, and Internet sales have been great. I will be published in some upcoming publications over the next year, will share more later on this.

AND I was hired as an Artist Coordinator and Research Assistant for TweetyJill Publications. I am now paid to surf the Internet and look at art! I even got new PJ's and slippers to wear! Can you think of anything better?

Those of you that receive my Art and More Snippets from Debbie Overton Designs already know I will be sharing new artwork soon. I brought back a few things that actually got my art business started over 10 years ago....Collagescapes and Collage Characters. I will be sharing both with you in the coming weeks.

Until next time....create the future you want to have.



Jennifer28 said...

I enjoy your blog and love your artwork. I adore vintage anything and collage.
Congrats on the new job and I hope that this new year is full of good things for you!

vintagecollage said...

Jennifer, Thank you for all of your sweet words. Look forward to your next visit. Debbie

Kristy C said...

Wow!! Can't beat lounging around in jammies and being paid to surf the internet :)

vintagecollage said...


Thanks for husband came home for lunch yesterday and expected to find me in my his surprise I was fully dressed and busy as a bee. I am just more productive when I'm dress for the day. But the PJ's do get put on right after dinner for some surfing.