Updating Links

I am finally getting around to adding back some of my favorite links. If you would like to add me to your blog links, I will be happy to add you to mine. Let me know when you have me added and I will do the same.

Until next time.....Back to the html!!!!



Francie M. said...

I am so impressed that you know HTML AND are so creative. Love the little guy and the sentiment below.

Ingrid said...

Love your blog! I have added a link from my blog to yours. Would love it if you added mine to yours!

sue said...

Hi Debbie,

Love your art and all that's vintage. I just added your link to my blog. Thank you for adding mine to yours!

vintagecollage said...

Thanks Francie, Ingrid and Sue!!


CAROL said...

Love your site Debbie, I have added you to my favorite list on my blog.



Carol said...

Debbie, I added you to mine as well! Love the blog!
Come visit me!

Nancy Hunt-Bartek said...

Hi from an old friend.
I have a new blog and a new website. I love all your new work and think of you often. I will be adding you to both my site and my blog. Nice to connect with you again. It's been far too long!
fondly, Nancy Hunt-Bartek