Can you Imagine?

Can you imagaine having 5, 6, 7, 8 or more children? I can't....three is more than I can handle at times and they are practially grown at 23, 19 and 18 in 42 days (she is counting). Why do they think 18 is a magic number....that they will be grown, an adult, know everything, can do anything. Atleast the boys turned 18, the day came and went and they didn't notice this huge change.

This is one of the collages on display at the exhibit and it has been a big hit with moms. It read "Please I do not want another child. We could buy a dog."

Do I really want a dog? No, been there, done that! Not that they aren't wonderful companions, I just do not want the responsiblities that come with them. In ways the dog we had for 17 years was easier to take care of than the kids. I put its food and water in bowls on the floor and she didn't make a mess with it. I opened the door and she went outside to take care of her business, no missing the toilet because you were playing with the car you took with you that before you left you dropped in the toilet and while trying to retrieve it splashed water everywhere. I could leave her at home alone to run to the grocery store and when we said it's time for bed, Nissan was the first to take off. I bet you have some stories you could share too.

Now days I get an email, text message or a note stuck to my bathroom mirror to let me know......there is an extra tennis practice after school, need money for this or that, I'm out of cookies, tuition is due tomorrow, etc.

I do miss those days when they were little tots running around but I try to cherish each moment with them. I don't see the boys but every few months since the move, but we talk on the phone every few days. Kaycee and I spend lots of girl time together....watching movies, eating cookie dough, shopping, visiting the beach, and a girls day for hair and nails.

Can you imagine having 5, 6, 7, 8 or more and doing all we do for our children now days?

Until next time.....Enjoy your children, no matter how many you have.



Anonymous said...
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Francie M. said...

Ah, two just about did me in. There are some days however, that I do wish I had had a whole passle so that I could spend my "later days" visiting without wearing out my welcome :) then I regain consciousness and realize if I had to live "teen years" over more than twice there wouldn't be any "later years". LOL.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that collage! Gosh, you made me laugh! :) (You need to do cards out of these!) I had hoped for three kids. The only way that would have happened is if Will had been a twofer special. But with as busy as he keeps me, two of him would just do me in!

pam said...

no way!!!! i couldn't do 5,6,7 or 8, although i do regret not having a third now that they're getting so old...somewhat heartbreaking at times...lovely post

CAROL said...

Hi Debbie,

Wonderful collage, your post made me think of our priest who comes from a family of 10 boys and 5 girls!

Your kids are about the same age as mine-23, 21 and 18, I did have the empty nest syndrome though when my youngest went away to college last fall. They just grow up too fast.



T said...

I cannot imagine having more that the two boys we were blessed with. With working full time and juggling all of their needs and activities it would have been tough. I enjoyed every minute of it but now that they are almost on their own I'm ready for the empty nest! My dad is the youngest of 18 - yes - he has 17 older siblings! Can you imagine! His eldest sister was like a grandmother to us. I used to enjoy hearing her tell stories of growing up taking care of her younger siblings. My boys don't know how easy they had it!

Debbie - I love your work.


Teresa Sheeley said...

This is a great piece of work! Two kids were enough for me I can't imagine having stair-step kids like that.