Road Trip

One of my recent collage pieces "Road Trip" got me to thinking of all the places my blog visitors come from. I love receiving my blog stats every morning and seeing all the places some of you have traveled from. In just the past week the United States has been represent well.

Dayton Ohio, Atlanta Georgia, Farmington Michigan, Hickory North Carolina, Reeves Louisiana, Little Rock Arkansas, Tucson, Arizona, Assaria Kansas, Brandon Florida, LaFayette Georgia, Maitland Florida, Oak Brook Illinois, Los Angeles California, Louisville Kentucky, Langley Washington, Sheridan Wyoming, Nahunta Georgia, Boise Idaho, Waycross Georgia, St Louis Missouri,Etna California, Greer South Carolina, Denver Colorado, Virgina Beach Virginia, Eugene Oregon, Del Rey California. Owensboro Kentucky, Snyder Texas, Athens Georgia and on and on. Plus Australia, Thailand, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Canada, China, Portugal and more have all been by to visit.

Yes, these are IP locations along with some actual city and towns. Can you imagine taking a road trip and hitting all these places along the way. We could travel the Atlantic Coast between New York and the tip of Florida, the Pacific Coast between Olympic National Park and San Diego California, or how about Route 66 between Los Angeles and Chicago. Personally I would love to travel old US 80 between San Diego California and Savannah Georgia. These are just a few of the wonderful routes one could take. Do you have one that you love to travel?

I can only imagine all of the antique shops, flea markets and tag sales along the way. All I need is a list of great places to stop, a handful of cash, a credit card or maybe two, a tankful of gas and a nice breezy day.

Until next time.....Enjoy your day!



lori said...

Nice collage :)
I love my stats too, for that very reason. Now I want a long vacation with alot of side stops to the flea markets. One can dream!

raisedincotton said...

I would love to visit all my blog friends! Love your Road Trip collage!


Shabby in the City said...

It would feel much like it does now...sitting here for hours on my...well you get the picture!

Kelly said...

love your art! great memories went into this piece!