Tattered, Torn & Yellowed

Imagine you are sitting at the tennis courts watching your daughter and her team mates play and someone comes by and says "I have something for you, some old books. I mean really, really old. Let me get them for you." He comes back with this trash bag which holds a really old and worn manila envelope. As he pulls the findings out your eyes widen and dance with delight as he is once again telling you these are really old, torn, yellowed, falling apart, etc. I could not believe it....

There were three "The Literary Digest" dated

October 15, 1910
September 26, 1914
September 11, 1915

Plus a wonderful Remington Centennial Historical Souvenir Book - One Hundred Years of Progress 1860 - 1960 filled with photos and writings.

The Indianapolis News dated May 13, 1932 filled forty-eight pages of photos, ads and writings all for Three Cents.

Last, but certainly not least was another newspaper Celebrating Our Hoosier Heritage dated September 25, 1988 with 50-years of photos, articles, ads and more. On the front page of the Business and Industry section was a photo of the children of the founder of the paper from the late 1800's.

Those of you that know me know the older, the more worn, tattered and yellowed the more I love it.

We have gotten to know Coach Waymire over the past 8 months while KC was taking tennis lessons. He has been a wonderful adult influence to our daughter not only teaching tennis, but life lessons along the way. He is the kind of teacher every child would love to have. Over time he learned of my art, visited my website and most recently my exhibit. It was my respectful simplicity with an occasional humor thrown in that he found of interest. He said the books and papers had been sitting on a bookshelf and he knew I would make good use of them.

Once again I have been blessed with such rich treasures that I will use and cherish.

On another note....look for my "Friday Fun Finds" starting next week. These will be things that inspire and brighten my day.

I am getting ready for Peaches to the Beaches this weekend, a 212-mile yard sale that links peach-growing counties in middle Georgia to the beaches of Georgia's Golden Isles with community sites in 20 cities and towns and individual sales along the way. The sale runs along US Highway 341, the Golden Isles Parkway in Georgia.

Until next time.....My walking shoes, comfortable clothes, stash of cash and my great tote I bought from Debra are ready to go.


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What a wonderful gift. What projects do you vision creating with your new treasures?