Dancing to 18

Today is another milestone at our home. KC has danced her way from 3 to 18 and is still dancing her way into college in a few months with those bright blue eyes and sweet smile. From dance lessons, competitions or school dance teams she has excelled and learned many life lessons she will carry with her along the next journey.

Happy 18th Birthday KC!!!


Anonymous said...

We miss you lots! Have a great and special day! How's Mom and Steve handling this one? No longer a little girl but a beautiful young lady!!
Congratulations on all your accomplishments.
Love ya,
Ms.Tommie and Mr.George

lori said...

Happy Birthday :)
I had a best friend through school that was a marvelous dancer and then became a teacher of dance, I was always so envious of such a beautiful talent. When it comes to dancing I'm afraid I look more like Elaine on Seinfeld! Good luck along your next journey and happy birthday!

mizcarla said...

awww what a pretty girl. Is this your youngest Debbie? What will you do when they are all out of the nest?

Hope all is well

Kari said...

Aw, she is lovely - happy birthday KC!

She shares it with my MIL who is a tad older today, LOL!

Kari x

sue said...


Your daughter is beautiful! I had an opportunity to look around your website tonight. What a joy! I just love your vintage style.


AJ said...

What a pretty young lady! I too have a daughter that dances. She is 15. So, I look at this thinking....one day, she will be just like your daughter with her love for dance. As a mother, the memories in my heart are forever every time I watch her perform.