Shorter Bound

It's official. . . .We are headed to Rome! Rome Georgia that is. KC, Steve and I spent this past weekend on the campus of Shorter College and getting acquainted with the city of Rome. The drive from Southeast to Northwest Georgia is beautiful. Taking I-75 right through the middle of Atlanta can be a little stressing, but the view is wonderful. As you leave Atlanta and start through the foot hills of the Appalachian Mountains one can only imagine the foliage during the fall. As you travel through Rome you see history everywhere and right in the middle of town is a beautiful old brick fence surrounded with gorgeous flowers and a water fountain leading you to the campus. After 7 hours of driving we go through the security gates and travel up a little winding road to the hilltop campus founded in 1873 featuring Greek Revival buildings in a beautiful, wooded setting. Shorter is a private liberal arts college affiliated with the Georgia Baptist Convention. Originally an all girl school until the early 1950's when it became co-ed.

As some of you know, KC was accepted to 3 colleges with Shorter being her first choice. After many hours of research, visiting, talking and prayers she has decided to start her Mathematics Education career this coming fall at Shorter. Not only was she accepted to Shorter, she was offered an academic scholarship. She hopes to teach trig or calculus to high school in the future.
We have so many things to do over the next few weeks before graduation, but searching for additional scholarships is a priority for her and us. Did you know there are scholarships for people that can answer a quiz about Harry Potter? We have laughed at some of the ones we have found, but we are not going to turn down any that we have a chance at.
If you know of a scholarship that she can apply for, send it our way. If she is awarded the scholarship you will be given a Debbie Overton Designs original piece of artwork for helping us with her college expenses.
Until next time.....I have two college bound children this fall....I need to get busy creating and sell some art!

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