Happy Dance

Ever have one of those days when you just want to do the HAPPY DANCE? Come on, you know you have......Yesterday was mine. It all started when I finally completed the redesign of my website after weeks and weeks and hours and hours of work. Hope you will hope over and take a look.

Now that the blog and website are finished I need to upload some goodies for you to purchase in the Etsy shop I opened July 17, 2006....Yes you read that right...2006! All I can say is I had good intentions and so many other things came first. I also need to add the CollageScape PhotoFrames to the website and will try to get that done soon. After hitting that publish website button and making sure everything was working I felt I needed and deserved an afternoon at the beach to clear my head.

Grabbed a bottle of water and my beach bag I have hanging by the door that is already ready to go, slipped on flip flops and off I went. On the way I stopped by the post office as I had not checked the mail in almost a week.

Another HAPPY DANCE as I pulled things from the box....Anthropologie and Brocade Home catalogs, the premiere return issue of Victoria and a hand full of envelopes....bills, you have won, a yellow card that the post office sticks in to let you know you have a package and an envelope very elegantly addressed to me. I run in to pick up the package, see it is from my friend Roxanne in Fresno, CA and head out. I dropped everything in my beach bag except her package and the one envelope. I dig around the console to find my letter opener and slowly pull it across the beautiful envelope from a wonderful artist I recently met during the reception at the art center when she approached me about buy one of my pieces she had seen on display a while back. So I was expecting a check and much to my surprise along with it and the lovely handwritten note was the question.....

Can you use any of these in those wonderful collages?

Each piece is absolutely heaven.....the sweet little girl with the lavender flower background is a beautiful card so delicate it feels almost like tissue paper. The couple is on a piece of gorgeous satin and the card "The Parting of Ruth and Naomi" is one that Mr. Charles E Hires had reproduced with the famous oil painting that he sent to any dealer that purchased Hires Rootbeer Extract in 1904. The hand written note says....How lovingly my wife cherished this and had it for years and would get it and sit and ponder it till the tears rolled down her cheeks.

After just sitting there reading that note over and over and looking at the picture on the opposite side of the card it finally it me I was taking up a parking space and I needed to move on. And I did just that......I opened the box from Roxanne at Roxi Designs!

A while back she had something on her blog about voting for her in a challenge she entered. I am sure she did well, but my name was drawn from those that voted for her and this is what I got.......these beautiful pink drop earrings! Lucky Me!

While visiting Roxanne's Etsy shop I spotted this beautiful bracelet. Steve was working out of town and I thought it would be so nice if he bought it for I clicked on purchase and look what Steve bought me......A Chunky Pink and Grey Crackled Glass Beads and Pale Pink Freshwater Pearls with a Silver Flower Clasp Bracelet. It is gorgeous!!!!

Not only was Steve surprised with what he had bought, I too was surprised to find this pretty little box handmade by Roxanne included and look what I found inside.....A pair of Pink Crackled Glass Bead Earrings that match my bracelet! Thank you Roxanne!

After all that excitement one would think I was tired of doing the HAPPY DANCE and could just make a left turn and return home, but no I was heading to the beach.

20 minutes later I am walking in the sand and along the waters edge slowly letting the waves get closer and closer enjoying the salty taste, the dampness your skin feels and the wind blowing your hair.

As I start back toward the boardwalk that had led me down to this wonderful spot I often find myself walking backwards trying to soak in as much as I can not knowing when my next visit will be. Sometimes it is the next day and then there are times I actually have to wait for a whole week!

To complete the day I gathered a few seashells and half a sand dollar........

Until next time.....I am back to creating while remembering the wonderful day I had yesterday.



abbymaya said...

Woo hoo, sounds like it was a perfect day! Love those very rare moments when the universe just clicks and it's all going just right. Your new website looks awesome and those "new" papers are lovely and I can't wait to see where they might turn up again.

Suzan said...

WOW!! I would be doing the happy dance too!! That is so cool that you got your website up, and running (I am looking at it now)..and that stuff you recieved in the mail was Fantastic!!! LUCKY YOU!!! HUGS!! Me

Roxi said...

Hi Debbie,

Love the new site! Glad you had a wonderful day!


Nancy Maxwell James said...

love the new look and I am sooo happy you are happy dancing! gorgeous mail art too!

sue said...

What a perfect description of a perfect day, no wonder you were doing the happy dance, I would be too!

kelly rae said...

i just looked at the new site. it looks GREAT!!! i know this is a huge undertaking. congratulations!

purplepaint said...

Debbie - I love your blog! I'm turning green with envy at the package you received from your friend! Vintage papers, photos and jewelry! Oh you're so lucky! :) Love your work, it's awesome! Marva