Something to Smile About

I awoke to find Roxi at Roxi Designs had passed along an award to me!!! What a surprise and an honor....It is because of friends like Roxi that I smile. For receiving this Smile Award I too am to choose 10 people that make me smile. This is not so easy as I have so many more than 10 blogger friends that make me smile. Here's 10 in no particular order......

Sara ~ Sadie Olive
Lori ~ Home Is Where The Art Is
Amber ~ Inventive Soul
Carol ~ Raised In Cotton
Kelly ~ Soul Humming
Suzan ~ Thrifty Collage Artist
Sue ~ Artful Adventures
Kristy ~ Kristy's Musings
Kelly Rae ~ Kelly Rae Roberts
Amy ~ Lone Star Art

If you not listed please know if you are visiting my blog then you make me SMILE!!!!

Until next time.....I hope you enjoy the new site design. I have Sara at Sadie Olive Design to thank. She took my images and my vision and did her thing. More to come on this later.



lori said...

Thank you Debbie, how sweet you are :) You always make me smile too!
I just love the new design, it's perfect!!
I'm thinking of getting my shop up and running online again, maybe I'll just give Sadie a buzz to see what she could do for me.

Sadie Olive said...

Thank you Debbie for the "blog love", and the award! You make me smile too. :)

sue said...

Awww, that's sweet of you-good to know that I make someone smile:) The new design for your blog is perfect!

Raised In Cotton said...

Wow Debbie you are too sweet! Love your new blog, Sara is doing one for me too as we speak:) Smiles are the best and so are you!


kelly rae said...

awww, this is so nice. what a sweet thing to find over here..you make ME smile! thank you!

inventivesoul said...

You make me smile too!

(I am so behind on reading blogs and stuff since last year)
Here is a great big smile (and a hug) for you!
Amber Dawn