Senior Year

My middle son, Seth officially started his senior year activities today. We had pictures made. I just stood back smiling as they snapped numerous photos of him in his jeans and then khakis. He looked so handsome in the tux and then came the cap and gown. It seems just like yesterday that he graduated from 4 yr old pre-school in his little blue cap & gown. That little guy is now 6' & 225 lbs!!! I couldn't believe he actually wanted mom to go with him. I really wanted too but was not about to suggest it.

There were approximately 15 kids there while we were there and only 2 moms, and Seth was the only one with a class ring. I remember everyone in my class had their rings when we started our senior year. I also only had 28 in my class and he has over 225, guess that does make a difference.

We want him to have a fun and memorable year as he has earned it.

Until next time. . . Create and have fun!


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Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie !
Great job on your newest creations!
Keep up the good work- may only the very best be yours as your dreams come true !! You can do it!!
One of these days you will be on the Oprah show for her favorite things!!
Much Love to a dear friend- T.