Brain Overload

There is no doubt about it, I have had brain overloads lately. I find myself just sitting here starring at the monitor. Am I thinking if you stare long enough the words will magically appear or do I expect the little fairy to come lift my hands and place them on the right keys and the words will come. . . it is happening again, just sitting here!! I am sure this is a sign of something, so I sit and wait.

After several attempts of posting, I realize my brain is in overload. I know this because I am also looking at a to do list, art that needs to be finished, a house that is beginning to look neglected, kids asking if I have ordered supper and a husband asking me why his work clothes were in the dishwasher!

These things happen when we don't have routines to follow. Even the kids were saying they were ready for school to start back so we would get back to a normal routine. Now what they call normal and I call normal are usually two different things, but atleast it is a routine.

While writing this entry in my blog, I have also been working on my to do list. I have crossed off a few things that I really don't need to do and added things that should have been there to start with.

Do you think anyone will really notice that I didn't clean the ceiling fans this month? Not if I keep them going!!

Added to my to do list for this week is mix up Chocolate Chip Cookie dough and rent a movie. The kids and I love to eat CCC dough with a spoon right out of the bowl while watching a movie.

Agreeing on the movie will not be easy. Have you ever tried to please a 16 yr old girl and a 17 yr old boy at the same time? If you have a movie recommendation, please share.

Having another brain overload moment, so I will take that as a sign it is time for bed.

Until next time. . .Create and have Fun!


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Deb said...

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough! You are making me DROOL! LOL

My fav is keeping the ceiling fans going so that no one can see the dust ... BTW, if someone draws in the dust on your fan - you could call it "DADA!"