Sebastien, Urs, Carlos & David


You will find Sebastien, Urs, Carlos & David in my vehicle, kitchen, studio, and my bedroom!! I wake up with them, cook, clean, create and go to bed with them!!

This most handsome quartet sent from Heaven with formally trained voices take popular songs, old & new to another level between pop and classical music. The songs are not all sung in English, they flow between Spanish, English and Italian and if you don't speak the language I promise you, your imagination will understand every word they say. Their voices are so relaxing and calming that I find myself lost in whatever I am doing.

Some of my favorite songs are "Mama", "The Man You Love" and Frank Sinatra's "My Way" to name just a few. They share the lead throughout, combining to deliver choruses whose awesome power is matched by their tonal delicacy. Passion and restraint they show to be an irresistible aphrodisiac.

They have a DualDisc out that includes their original CD release plus the DVD with their performance at Gotham Hall in New York that I would love to have. They are working on their 2nd album and I can not wait. As you can tell I am in awe of IL DIVO.

Time for the boys and me to get back to creating.

Until next time. . .Create and have Fun!



Deb said...

who CARES if they sing - they are inspirational just to look at - four individual works of art from the Lord himself!


Alison said...

Me too! Me too! Love em.