Christmas Surprises

This could have been me a few days ago.

As I was preparing dinner I heard the UPS truck stop in front of our home as he has done daily for the past two weeks to deliver packages to our neighbors across the street. Only this time I was surprised when I heard him knocking on my carport door. I opened the door as he was running back to his truck waving and there before me was a huge brown box. I yelled, Santa has started delivering. Funny how everyone comes out of their room when they hear "Santa" and "delivering." Here I am trying to carry this huge box in and everyone else is watching asking "who is it for?, who sent it? do you get to open it now?" and the list goes on. Dinner was put on hold and I opened the box to find gifts packed amongest peanuts just as tightly as possible. As I pulled out each gift one by one I would find more.

Do you remember running into the living room on Christmas morning and just standing there looking at all the presents and not knowing which one to open first? That was me!!

I wish I had thought to grab the camera to get a picture of the box before I starting pulling things out, you would not have believed it. Santa delieved this package all the way from Cody, WY!!! Yes my best friend Deb Trotter is an Angel on Earth.

Inside I found a Fold-Out Garland of Children Riding Animals, 6 Candy Striped Jingles Ornaments, A book "All I Want for Christmas" of Antique Dolls and Toys in Vintage Photographs 1890 - 1920, Miniature Porcelain Tea Set, Mini Scrabble Set with Magnetic Tiles, Dick and Jane Magnet, fun Reindeers for Steve to wear when working on the technical side of MMCA, the cutest Snowman Tote Bag for Kaycee, an Original Mixed Media Collage "Buttons and Lace" created by Deb and the most gorgeous Norma DeCamp Original Santa.

Here are several pictures which do not do justice.

Original Mixed Media Collage by Artist Deb Trotter

"Buttons and Lace"

Mini Scrabble Set

Miniature Porcelain Tea Set

More Fun Things

Close up of Santa's face and the things he is holding.

Santa in ALL his glory.

There are no words and THANK YOU seems so small for all the wonderful treasures Deb has shared with me not only this Christmas but all year.

I wish for each of you a wonderful holiday and may you too have such a Friend as I have in Deb.

Until Next Time. . . .Happy Holidays!!!!



Christine said...

Ohhhh what a lovely package -- the tea set is so beautiful!! And the collage -- WOW!!!!! :)

Tatterededge said...

Deb is totally the queen of Xmas-I got a parcel loaded just like that-I call it all of Xmas in one box! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hi Deb nice items, did you know that the Norma DeCamp Santa is posable and you can lift his head up and down and it turns. You are doing great. Keep it up.
Norma DeCamp