More Christmas Surprises

I just love it when someone surprises me with a little gift in the mail. Over the past week I have received gifts from some very special friends I have made through my art.

First I received a beautiful 2006 Calendar from Reiny Rizzi. Reiny has been creating these wonder calendar girls and sharing them with all of us on MMCA. Little did we know she was creating calendars for some of us. I just love mine! Here is the cover and a few months that are my favorites.

A few days later as Steve and I were working on the MMCA website and forum another package arrived. Cece Grimes had sent me one of her beautiful bottlecap pins which she named "Queen" and a box of Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles for Steve. I felt just like a Queen as I worked that day and have had many compliments on her since. I would love to share with you the chocolates, but I have to confess they were to die for!

Some of the girls in MMCA participated in a Secret Santa exchange and I am anxiously awaiting my surprise. Everyday I listen for my mailman to drop things in my basket and quickly run to see if I have gotten my Secret Santa package. I am sure the mailman is wondering by now why I am practically running over him everyday, but it is just so exciting to see what he has brought.

Reiny and Cece thank you both for your part in making this a wonderful holiday season.

Until next time. . . .Happy Holidays


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annax said...

What a wonderful calendar! I simply love it! Like you I love christmas! I have made so many surprise yule packages this year, and it makes me a bit sad that I was not able to join the MMCA one this year! Hopefully I can join in on the next one! :) Just popping in to say Merry Christmas and a most wonderful New year!!