More Surprises Received

I can honestly say this is the only time of the year that I actually watch for the mailman to come. I just love getting Christmas cards and packages.

Monday I found an envelope among the bills from the one and only Becky Christian. Inside were 3 of Becky's famous ATC's to add to my BC collection, a Vintage photo of a very distinguished gentleman and the cutest handmade holiday card.

Today I was totally surprised when I found a little padded envelope among the Christmas cards. I am now the proud owner of an Deryn Mentock Original Altered Cab Card. I admire Deryn's art so much and had hoped to someday own a piece.

Becky and Deryn, thank you so much for my wonderful surprises.

Today is Wednesday and I know I still have one more surprise coming my way from my Secret Santa, that is unless my surprise is I'm not getting anything because they think I've been naughty!

Until next time. . . .I'm off to get a few last minute things finished up so I can sit and watch for the mailman. Sure wish he looked like the UPS guy, cute as a button.

Happy Holidays

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