Lost Comments & More

I have received several emails over the past week to let me know some of you were leaving comments but they are not showing up. Well looks like I may have had my first Beta switch over problem....up until now the switch over has been a breeze.....almost 2 months. All the settings have been checked and I have republished....still they are not there.

Thank you Deborah, Lizzie, Lisa, Sally, Deb, and others that may have left a comment and it is somewhere in cyberspace. I hope some of you will be so inclined to leave me another comment as I do enjoy them.

It has been a busy weekend....Seth is now back in Louisiana, Colby's in Arkansas, Steve's at work, and Kaycee's back to school....and I am just enjoying the quiteness while catching up with emails.

As usual everyone helped to bring the Christmas boxes down from the attic.....and that is it....I have boxes everywhere.....Santas, Snowmen, wreaths, lights and etc scattered all over. I guess they think if they bring it down they have done their part in decorating. Plans for today are to put on some Christmas music and try to bring some order to this mess.

We are having an Arkansas Razorbacks party Saturday.....Arkansas and Florida play in the SEC Championship Saturday at Atlanta's Georgia Dome and we have invited some of our new Georgia friends over for some football, food and fun. Should be fun since many of them will be rooting for Florida....although Kaycee has converted a few at school. In one of her classes the coach calls her Arkansas and the kids like to call the Hogs when she answers a question in class.

Until next time.....It's time to get this house decorated and start thinking about a football party.


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