MEN!!!! Let me start by saying I opened this can of worms several weeks ago with my wonderful husband and I am now having second thoughts. You see we have been discussing my getting a new desk top computer for sometime, but something always seems to come up. Well a few weeks ago I started noticing little things but didn't think much of it that is until I was working 24/7 trying to catch up and all of a sudden the dreaded blue screen appears.

No problem...I'll just restart it....oh I have this bright red screen with bright yellow lines. Finally I get it to reboot correctly. I continue working but notice it is taking forever for pages to load. After a few hours I give up and head to bed thinking a few hours sleep and all will be well. Next morning I start back at it around 6 AM. The day flies by and I am getting lots accomplished that is until around 11 PM and things are moving so slow I can't work. Thinking it is just me pushing it too hard I shut things off and head to bed. Next morning as I turn on my old trusted computer of several years it starts to make a noise any man would be proud of, then the blue screen, followed by more noise, until finally it just shut itself off. Now I have not mentioned this, but during all of this I continually called Steve with questions. After the third day and the 10th call of the day he ask, "Why don't we go ahead and get you a new computer or do you just want to use your laptop for now?" I have a wonderful laptop, but prefer to use the desktop PC when I'm home. I jump on the new computer and get told we will talk about it when he gets home.

The house is clean, supper on the table and I am ready to talk know lets go pick one out. OH NO, I want to customise this one just for you, your art, your business, you, you, you!!!!! Your thinking what a wonderful thing Steve wants to do for you and please don't get me wrong it is, it was and it still is.

For the past two weeks I have had TWO desktop computers. One that has all but died and one that is absolutely gorgeous, very clean, no cluttered folders or files. I was asked what programs I wanted and he promptly loaded them. Now I have a disc and the case for each program laying all over the table. Then he has to go back to work, out of town for a few days. He still needs to bring my documents over, load the print drivers, hook up my Wacom, run all the updates, etc. Back home I get some of these things done and for the time being he sets up our wireless network connection so I can print until he has time to finish everything. Did I mention my new monitor and keyboard has had a place at the breakfast table for two weeks?

Sunday night everything is loaded, all we need to do is unplug the old and move the new over but decide to wait until tonight due to a call he gets during supper which leads to him having to go in due to a MAN not doing his job. 1:00 AM and I have called it a night, just as I drift off to sleep Bon Jovi starts singing Make a Memory! It's just the ringer on my cell phone, but the thought of him singing me to sleep was rather nice. The MAN is on his way home.

New day, another night and it is 10:15 PM and we have not seen the MAN that started this project so looks like only 3 of us will be eating breakfast again in the morning.

MEN....I guess they mean well, but why does it take them SO LONG to finish something.

I did this collage several months ago for an art show and thought it was perfect for what I have been going through the past few weeks.

One more thing....I didn't realise just how bad my monitor had gotten until we turned the new one on and I took a look at my websites. The colors are DREADFUL!!! I thought some of you were my friends....why have you not told me just how awful they look. If they don't look dreadful to you, you might want to think about getting a new monitor!!

Until next time....I will be adjusting images and giving my websites a much needed makeover.



teemie said...

Oh I can sooooo relate! My struggle has been the studio floor, trying to get it done. He's ready to pour tomorrow and now it's my crunch time with the 2 day lavenderfest. I've been open to help for two weeks. LOL Go figure!

lori said...

LOL!! Not laughing at you, but boy can I relate too!! Our running joke around here is, it's taken 10 years for me to get 1 days worth of work out of him. He's a furniture maker and it was 10 long years before I actually got one of his beautiful pieces!
Love this collage by the way :)

Aunt T said...

I'm sorry to laugh but I do feel your pain and I guess misery loves company! The scary part is that we are raising two more to be just like the MAN in our house - scary! I hope that your computer issues are behind you soon. I love the collage. You do such beautiful work.

Sending you a hug - a BIG hug :)


vintagecollage said...

Teemie, Lori and Teresa so glad you were all able to enjoy this. I am on my way to post an update that you might enjoy! Debbie