Who doesn't love a good homemade Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato sandwich? It takes a lot of bacon here at our home so after frying bacon for well over 45 minutes I am down to the last 3 pieces in the pan when the grease starts popping. As I reach over to get those pieces I get popped on the hand and I mean POPPED on the hand. I have blisters scattered all over the top of my right hand, 1st degree burns on the index and ring finger with severe 2nd degree on the middle finger. Nasty does not even cover how it looks. As for the pain that you have the first 24 hrs well it did improve following the codeine and only hurts now when I try to move or do something with my hand and the tingling that feels as though you have been shocked is still running up my arm but has gotten somewhat better. We had bacon this morning with breakfast but I did it in the oven and everyone was just as happy!

Steve was working on my computers when all this happened so he didn't quite finish up. After he helped take care of my hand he cleaned up the mess, found the fork I threw across the room when the grease hit me and then helped the kids put lunch on the table. Since I have not been up to doing much on the computer and he has been grilling for supper and having to cut up my meat I have not complained about the computer. Hopefully in a few more days I will be doing more and then we will see how the computer problems are going.

Until next time.....watch out for popping grease.


Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie! How's that hand healing up?

Too bad you didn't get to enjoy that BLT.

Hope all is well in altered land.


lori said...

bless your heart! hope you get to feeling better soon.

vintagecollage said...

Teemie and Lori,

Thanks for dropping by and your well wishes. I'm so excited I am now able to type for short periods.