Update to the previous post

Thought some of you might enjoy this quick update on the computer problems. Since all this started I have been taking photos of my artwork, new shop pics, the kids, July 4th at the beach, new blooms in our yard, etc....I ran out of memory on my camera after shooting over 300 images......SO this past weekend without saying a word while the MAN was trying to catch a few zzzz's I quietly slipped out to his truck and borrowed his camera. He didn't miss it until yesterday when he went to use it at work. Now it has been laying next to the keyboard of the new computer he has been working on since Saturday afternoon when I didn't have it in my hands! He calls to ask if by chance he had left it on his desk, he didn't remember doing it but thought maybe. I very calmly told him I had gotten it Saturday, had been using it and it was laying next to the computer he was working on. He went on to say he needed it for work. After I counted to 10, I told him I had tried to download my camera and didn't want to bother him Saturday.

Silence.....................................................I think he got some of my point.

After hanging up the phone I thought okay just go download both cameras and have his ready when he gets home since he did load the programs needed for both cameras. IT DID NOT WORK and I tried several different things. I will spare you the things I said and did at this point.

A few hours later he makes it home and sits down at the computer asking about my day. Wrong thing to do. Let me just say we had an understanding when I finished. It was one of those "come to Jesus" meetings. You listen while I talk. This is how it is, this is how it will be. This is MY job and I need my camera, my computer, my scanner, my wacom, etc in order to do what I love.

I really am a sweet person, but please don't push my buttons or you will see the other side of me and as Steve and the kids say, the wrath of Debbie is not pretty!

Off to finish the salad and get the bread ready for the oven to go with homemade lasagna I made just for the MAN of the house.


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