Weekend Finds

I love short road trips especially when I can make stops along the way to do a little shopping. I'm not talking about the cute little shop on the corner or the boutique in the mall. I brake for Antique Shops and Flea Markets!!

Saturday Steve had to go just south of Natchez, Mississippi on business and I joined him with the understanding that I would go and even drive as long as when I came upon a place to stop he would either sit in the vehicle or go in with me and not say a word about how long it took. Heading south from Crossett you go through lots of little towns, I mean if you blink you miss it. As we made our drive south I was keeping a mental note of the places I saw that I could stop on our way back. We stopped for a late breakfast in Natchez before his meeting, so I knew once we started towards home I could make several stops before stopping for a bite to eat.

The first little town had two shops if you were brave enough to go into one of them. I parked right in front and got out. Steve just sat there looking at me as though I had lost my mind or I had suddenly grown two heads. Finally after shaking his head he joins me saying "if you don't find anything else in here, I'm sure we will find some fleas!!!!

This Southern girl was not actually dressed for this shop, but in my starched jeans, white shirt and loafers we entered into what turned out to be a lucky spot for me. We made our way through digging in boxes and going through stacks of things. Just as I finally had decided this was a wasted stop, I spotted a book hiding. I pulled it out and you would have thought I had found a diamond. As I flipped though the book, a Scofield Reference Bible there were notes penciled in the margins. In the back someone had made several notations and dated it 12-17-1921. Right there in my hands was a Bible from 1921!!! At this point, Steve had not seen the price on the front and I could see it in his face, he was thinking how much is this book!! I headed to the check out counter and I thought he was going to die when the lady said that will be one twent eight!!! Yes that priceless treasure that no one else had wanted I got for a $1.28

Next stop was not quite as bad and I came away with a Children's Story Book with wonderful line drawings and great text, an old cloth measuring tape and a really old yard stick. $3.25 later I am heading out the door with some more treasures.

We headed to the next town and found a little cafe where we had one of the best hamburgers and onion rings we have ever had. After a nice lunch and lots of talk about the other places I wanted to stop we started north. Thinking the first place was bad I thought it couldn't get any worse.

Well let me tell you. . .Steve set in the vehicle and I went in. I have never in my life seen so much junk in one place. I started digging in boxing and baskets and sacks. Climbing over things sitting in the floor and by this time my allergies had really kicked in. I could not breathe, my skin was itching and my throat had just about closed off, but something kept telling me to tough it out. Steve came in after 45 minutes to check on me and I was reluctantly leaving with nothing. That is until he saw this really old worn velvet photo album. He pulled it out from a stack of books and said you won't believe want I just found. Inside the old album were pages after pages of old cabinet photo cards. Most of them were of children. If you have purchased any cabinet cards lately you know some of them can be rather pricey. In this old worn album there were 28 cab cards with only 2 or 3 that had actually seen better days. Since Steve had found it I said what do you think and he thought I had inhaled way too much dust to think straight if I was asking him. Can you believe $28 and I got 28 cab cards!!!!

Is this baby not precious?

At the end of the day I had spent a grand total of $32.53 and had an armful of wonderful treasures to use in my art. Next time you go through a little town that has nothing but a flea market that you are sure is filled with fleas, roll up your sleeves, take a deep breath and start digging.

Until next time. . . .Create and Have Fun!



sallyt said...

Love this story, Debbie. It's my favorite kind -- about shopping bargasins! Way to go, girl. Sally

debra cooper said...

Sounds like absolute heaven!! Love traveling through little towns and getting glimpses into their history, but spying an unbelieveable bargain is the best!! LOVE those days!!