Flying into Fall

To me November 1st is Fall even though I have had my pumpkins out and the leaves have been turning red, orange & golden for weeks. They now fall gracefully to the ground covering our lawn.

As we Fly into Fall I thought this collage I did a while back seemed appropriate. Up and Away. . . . Flying into Fall.

Did you notice I also did a little changing of the seasons here on the blog? I love the richness of fall colors and wanted you to feel warm and cozy while here reading. So put on your jammies, grab a cup of Hot Chocolate and catch up with me.

I will be adding some of my favorite blogs and website links in the next few days, so do check back for some great places to visit. I have a few orders to work on and need to do a little housekeeping to my websites.

Until next time. . . Enjoy the cooler weather, create and have Fun!!!


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Joelle said...

I like it! Your "Flying into Fall" and the new look!