Photo Credit: Kaycee Dillion
Right after we moved to South Georgia I spotted this pretty like shrub covered in clusters of clear blue flowers. We recently hired a landscaper to work with me in getting my new yard covered in blooming flowers and evergreens. As we began talking about designs I mentioned I wanted something planted around my 911 sign. The pretty white post with the little blue signage sporting our house number needed some color and I knew what I wanted. I described the clear blue flowers....they were in clusters covering the shrub.....before I could finish he told me I was talking about a PLUMBAGO. And he had some small ones left over from a job that he would bring down and plant for me. One of them was a tiny little thing.....but we decided to plant it for the time being. Saturday morning as I was pulling out of my driveway.....I spotted a handful of tiny blue flowers....starting to bloom on the little Plumbago. I can not wait until next spring to see what they have in store for me.
Until next time.....Enjoy the Blooms!

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