Design Team, Collage Sheet & More

Sunday morning started bright and early.....Steve making us a wonderful breakfast and then us heading to the beach to greet high tide.

It was a little windy and cool but that didn't stop me from heading down with a vintage sand pail.

And this is just a sampling of the shells I collected this weekend. We had already been over Saturday afternoon and I came home with my little pail overflowing with sand dollars and shells.

Came in Sunday afternoon with wind blown hair, sand everywhere, a little pink here and there as I had forgotten to replace the empty sunblock in my beach bag to find my inbox full of interest to my Friday afternoon post for a Design Team.

I scanned a few emails thinking.....oh she would be great.....I am so excited she applied.....oh I have always loved her artwork......the more I read the more excited I became and then it hit me.....I was going to have to turn down some really talented respected artists and friends. I decided it was time to make a post that the call was closed and I would announce later in the week the DOD Design Team. This was very hard as I had some girls I would have loved to included but I had to narrow it down. I started going back and forth reading their email of interest, looking at their artwork.....I began to pace....then I began to dig in the candy bowl for the caramel kisses.....at this point Steve knew I was having a hard time picking team members. He let me eat and pace, eat and read, eat and surf for what seemed like days when it was really only hours. Then he asked if he could make a suggestion......why didn't he do that before I ate all the kisses!

He said you had a few girls in mind when you posted the call....did they respond? Start with those names and the rest will fall into place. If you applied and were not chosen please know it does not reflect your art or you as a person. I simply had to make a decision to start with 6 girls. In time it is my hope that some of you will still have an interest and I can add you to the team.

So it is with great excitement I share with you the DOD Design Team in no particular order.....

Kelly Burton, Linda Peterson, Lori Bartel, Sarah Drayton, and Caryl Hoobler.

I am looking forward to working with each of these talented artists. We plan to give you a treat of eye candy with their artwork and my collage sheets. Here is a peek at one of the sheets that will be available in the Etsy Market in the coming days.

Until next time......I have tons of things to get done so the market came open.



Anonymous said...

Oh Debbie, I just got to your blog after weeks of being MIA.

I am looking at the pictures of the water and sand and I feel so much PEACE!!!

Life has been pretty hectic and painful for me this month and I cannot explain it, but the pictures actually soothe my heart and I feel as if I am there and it is calm.

Thank you for posting them.
I am going to read up on what you have been up to.
I just wanted to say hi and tell you of my interesting reaction to the pictures.

Amber D.

sue said...

You've got a great team going there, anxious to see all the great art that will come from this!

Kathy Maximo said...

Congrat on your new team Debbie.
I can't wait to see them designs and I will be looking in your shop!