Graduation Week

Quick update. . . .This is Graduation week and it is full of Senior activities for KC as well as the parents. Between running here and there and making sure everything is ironed I continue to work in spurts on some artwork. I had hoped to have some uploaded to my website or atleast something posted here by now, but have met myself coming and going. I will send out an update to my mailing list once everything is posted.

Until next time.....off to bake cookies for the Tennis Team Party this afternoon.



Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
Am so happy to hear you had a wonderful birthday. I just returned from a trip to the lake with my kids (for Mother's Day) and here was this envelope from you packed with wonderful goodies. What a nice person you are. Thanks for sharing and I will check in now and then to visit. Have a super week.

sue said...

Yum, yum .. cookies!! Have a great week!

Rhoda said...

Debbie, got the notecards in the mail! Thanks so much, they are beautiful. You're very kind & thoughtful to send these out to friends.

Southern Hospitality

Kris Henderson said...

Congrats to you mom for having a graduate! Enjoy!