This and That

Thanks to everyone that visited during the party, left a comment, sent an email, called me and mailed surprises. I had a blast sharing my day with all of you. Already thinking about what we can do for the big 50 next year!

All the Party Favors have been mailed, that is all but 3 and I do not have a mailing address. Sorry girls but there are lots of Sue's, Lori's and Lizzie's out there and I have tried to narrow it down. If you joined the party and you are one of the names mentioned I would love to send you a Party Favor....please email me your mailing address.

My family honored me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers filled with my favorites, French White Roses and Yellow Daisies. Kaycee gave me the vintage sand pail I had found at Antiques Etc in Brunswick and the boys had Steve get the stacking suitcases from Jekyll Books at The Old Infirmary on Jekyll Island. Steve and I had dinner at Ruby Tuesday....absolutely wonderful as usual. On Saturday while Steve worked on some programming for work, Kaycee and I hit several antique shops, the mall and spent several hours at the beach. We ended the weekend with Kaycee's Baccalaureate on Sunday.

I have been working on several pieces since early morning and finally found a stopping place, so I scrubbed my hands of glues and sealers, came here to do a little catching up. If everything continues to go smooth I hope to share a few new pieces with you in the coming days.

Until next time.....Again thanks for all of the Birthday wishes.



AJ said...

It sounds like you had a fantastic day. Time shopping with your daughter and the flowers. My favorite thing is to go to the beach. Too bad I don't live near one. Anyway, I hope this post goes through because I tried leaving you one here on your day of giveaways and I don't see it there. So, crossing my fingers with this post. Have a great day. AJ

debra said...

aw, I missed your birthday! I hope your day was super special. My honey and I ate at Ruby Tuesdays for the first time as a married couple. We sat there and stared at each other saying, you're my husband, you're my wife. It was all so surreal at the time, but a wonderful memory! I love your colorful trunks!

Angela said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! I love the pic of your gifts. The suitcases are so pretty, obviously we live in the wrong part of Ga.

Kari said...

Glad you had a great day - sounds fab. Looking forward to seeing your artwork if you have had time to do some.

Kari x

Sadie Olive said...

I love my party gift! Thank you.