Spring Break AGAIN!!!

One of KC's Senior photos and why I am on Spring Break again! We made it through graduation last Friday and are now pulling all the final details together for the big 18th Birthday and Graduation Party planned for this coming Friday night. I believe the head count was somewhere around 38 - 40 last night and we all know RSVP does not always get you a Yes, I'll be there....they just show up. We did limit the list to 60....this was suppose to be her best friends....Steve is glad we didn't say just invite all of your friends! The cake is ordered, extra chairs and tables are reserved, the grocery list for grilled burgers with all the works is made, and a list of all the other things we will need is ready. Today we must, yes must go shopping! All party girls must have something new to can't pick something from the closet even though it has never been worn and most likely still has tags on it!

Can you picture 40-50 teenagers, tons of food, birthday cake, lots of laughs, everyone talking at the same time and lots of dancing to a live band. Yes, we are having a band and we just got new neighbors. This will be their first weekend here....what a welcome to the neighborhood!!!

I have three shops here in Southeast Georgia looking for artwork this week and the first of next, so I have been creating every spare moment I have. Collagescape PhotoFrames will be delievered to Viola's Market on St. Simons Island, Cottonfield & Co in Historic Downtown Brunswick and Sunny Brooks Farm Coffee Shop right here in Waynesville.

As I mentioned on my website sometime back, the very first Collagescape PhotoFrame was created and given to my mom for Mother's Day in 1984 from her first grandchild, our son Colby.

LAUGH ~ is one of my favorites and will be going to a special friend. It was created using original letters and an envelope from the late 1800's.

A few of you that have been with me for many years may remember seeing a few of these Collagescape PhotoFrames in the Gallery on my website a few years ago. I removed them back in 2005 after I decided to once again create and sell them. They were only there for a few months, but long enough that others saw them and have since done their versions. We all know posting anything on the web is an open book and everyday we see originals, reproductions, remakes, and wannabes. That is the risk we have all taken.

Each Collagescape PhotoFrame is created on a chunky 2" wood block approximately 8x10" with many layers of original ephemera. Vintage dimentional elements are added to some, while some let the handwritting of the papers tell the story. All sides get the same treatment as the front and even the backs are covered with an antique book page! Each original one of a kind Collagescape is distressed and aged to give character and a feeling of long ago before it is sealed with several layers of protection. Just replace the cute little vintage photo with your favorite 4x6" photo for your own Collagescape story.

All Collagescape PhotoFrames will be listed on my website as soon as those going to new homes are all delivered.

Share a shop with us you feel would be a perfect home for our Collagescape PhotoFrames and if they meet all of our wholesale requirements AND place an order with us you will be eligible to have your name entered into a monthly drawing where one lucky name will be drawn to receive a Collagescape PhotoFrame. All you have to do is send me an email to include the Business Name, Storefront Address, Contact Name and Phone Number. Don't forget to give me your name and address so I can properly thank you.

Until next time.....we're planning a PARTY!!!!



Roxi said...


I love your new pieces you are bringing back! Beautiful and of course original!


AJ said...

Wow Debbie ~ Tom. is Friday...the big party. This sounds like so much fun. I too want to have a live band for our son's graduation next year. I love the picture of KC at the beach. I love your art you posted too. Very nice! AJ

Raised In Cotton said...

Hi Debbie,

Thank You so much for the lovely little snippets gift you sent me!
Just perfect!


kristin said...

J'adore le vieux papier et cette association d'images me plait énormément !

FrenchGardenHouse said...

I hope you had a wonderful time! I am sure you did, it's such a special thing to see all these young "adults" at the springboard of a new adventure!

I love your work, I will be back to visit you some more...