Fun at the Beach

Sharing a couple of pics of the kids at the beach from this past weekend. Can't remember if this one was taken at St. Simons or Jekyll Island all I know is it was 99 and felt like 121 according to The Weather They were watching the dolphins which I didn't catch in any of my shots.
This is my has been a long time since I got their footprints. All of these belong to Colby, Seth and Kaycee.....back and forth, back and forth to get drinks or snacks.
On another note.....we almost have Kaycee packed. We leave in the morning for Rome, GA. Move in day is Saturday. She is excited and a wee bit nervous too I think. Our phones have rung off the wall today with friends and family calling, plus many came by to see her one last time before she leaves. You would think she was leaving the country and not coming back anytime soon. Still need to make a run to Bed Bath & Beyond for a shower caddy. How could I have forgotten to add that to her legal pad list!!!
Until next time.....Keep me in your prayers as this is going to be a hard weekend....leaving her 7 hrs away. Be back Monday.

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Nancy Maxwell James said...

it is so difficult letting our children go and pursue their dreams. I hope you are adjusting each day. My son complains about the heat in GA (he is stationed in Ft. Stewart - near Savannah) I know I couldn't handle those temps!