Every Moment

Live Every Moment Like It's Your Last has always been one of my favorite sayings. That little phrase has been around for quite some time although sometimes with a slightly different wording here and there. While picking up a prescription in a local pharmacy/gift shop I came to a complete stop in front of a picture frame. I stood there admiring it while thinking of someone I had met over two and half years ago through the Internet. We hit if off immediately and corresponded with emails, cards, gifts and long phone calls.

Back to the gift shop.....

Sitting on the shelf next to that picture frame was a framed print of a poem about living every moment as if there were no tomorrow, if there are things unsaid then say them now as you may not have another tomorrow, and put the past behind you. As I stood there some wonderful memories came to mind and I picked up the picture frame headed home, wrote a little note, boxed it up and then was afraid to mail it. Almost a year ago we were as close as sisters even though we had never met in person. She gave me some of my most treasured art advice, helped me build a wonderful art group, and I have missed our friendship.

Steve saw the package a few days later and asked about it. After a long talk that night, I decided to mail the thinking of you gift expecting nothing in return.

Several days later I receive a little thank you note for the gift and when I pulled out the card, lo and behold, right there stamped on the front was Live every moment like it's your last. This little card is sitting on my desk next to my monitor so that I see it every time I get online.

I wonder if this is our way of trying to reach out to each other again after so long. She is one of my most frequent visitors to my blog/website even though I have not visited hers in so long. I tried to give her a call earlier today and while I was checking my blog stats tonight, saw she had visited within the hour, so I once again tried to reach her by phone.

Until next time.....I have opened the door and know in my heart I have done the right thing. My hope is that she will come in, but should she decide not to, I wish her all the best.


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