A First for Me

Today was a first for me. No children in high school. We got KC moved into her dorm this past Saturday, spent the night and then started that long 6 hr drive home Sunday without her. It took us maybe 20 minutes to actually unload our vehicle and it was packed. When we pulled up to her dorm we were met by 4 boys offering to help and Steve started handing them things. With arm loads they followed KC to her room and returned for more. Now it took us 7 hrs to get everything set up.....bed, laptop and printer connections, closet shelving, etc.......3 trips to Wally World......and then a visit to Pet Land. Her best friend, Syd of 17 yrs gave her a fish bowl with "Wish You Were Here" printed on it for graduation along with a note that had something to do with Pink Floyd and they both would get a fish once they were moved into their dorms. After getting the fish settled we headed to the dining hall for BBQ with the school president and then it was time for us to say our goodbyes. She will be calling me if she reads this and sees this pic. Steve shot it as we were pulling off.

We had not even gotten down the hill before Steve's phone rang.....she already had a question about her laptop. We've talked a few times and she seems to be having a ball. Loves her roommate and suite mates.

Here's another shot that was taken without someone knowing I did it.
Seth started his Sophomore classes today here closer to home. Sixteen hours was just a little too far for all of us. KC wants to think he came back home so I wouldn't miss her so much and I will admit it did make getting up this morning a little easier. He seemed to enjoy today. The classes are about half the size he was use to. So I'm not completely an empty nest, but almost.

I was waiting to post until Sara at Sadie Olive had received an order she recently placed with me for a couple of my CollageScape PhotoFrames and she beat me in posting. She received them, loaded some great pics on her blog and website while I was out of town. If you're not a fan of Sara's you will be once you visit.
Sara over at Sadie Olive posted the CollageScape PhotoFrames she is carrying in her online shop. Click on her logo above to visit. I just love her new logo that Hope Wallace at Paper Relics created. Sara has posted some great photos of the frames and given me such a nice shout out. I hope the frames do well for her. While you are there be sure to check out all the cool things Sara has to offer.

Have some new art news I will share with you soon. Just need to get a few of the details worked out first.

Until next time......Grab your favorite drink and give Sara a visit.



Suzan-- said...

Oh my..Your daughter is beautiful! Do you cry every day now? When I sent my daughter off to college, I cried for 3 months!LOL...She'll have the time of her life though!!

vintagecollage said...

Suzan thank you. She will hate that pic as we had been in and out of the 99 temp, up and down 3 flights of stairs, etc all day plus she was doing her best not to cry anymore. I actually made it into her bedroom last night and today without even tearing up. I have tried to keep myself very busy as you can see it is a little after 1:00 AM and I am still up! She must be having the time of her life tonight because she was going to call and I have not heard from her!!!!!!! Thanks for visiting. Debbie