Delta Delivered

That's my baby on that big plan. It is still hard to believe he is old enough to fly by himself. He has reminded me several times today he is 24 and does a lot of things by himself now! Imagine that!!!! It's been a really long day and everyone is winding down or at least they appear to be. It is hard to tell when all 3 are sitting in the family room with their laptop in front of them. But I do know I have played out and heading to bed. We have lots of things to do and see over the next several days so I better get some sleep while I can.

Until next time.....I'm off to the beach tomorrow. See you in a few days.



lori said...

oh I forgot, both our oldest sons are named colby! Mine is only 18, but i always worry even though he tells me not to, he's a big boy now! mom's never stop being concerned, do we? have fun at the beach!!!

vintagecollage said...

Lori, glad you stopped by for a visit. My Colby made it back to Arkansas last night and is already talking about flying back for Thanksgiving. Keeping my fingers crossed he will. We had a great time at the beach...4 days of it!!!! Debbie

Aunt T said...

How exciting. I hope you enjoy the beach.



vintagecollage said...

Thanks Teresa!