Stepping Outside the Box

I found a new art shop several months ago and have been eyeing this box of 72 Faber-Castell Soft Pastels. Years ago I started with a small box of half length and would pick up a stick here and there. I finally could not resist this box of eye candy. I kept telling myself I would never use all those bright colors, but this particular day I was having a weak moment and added it to the other supplies I was placing on the counter. On the way home I kept thinking I had lost my mind, I don't use bright. Later that night all excited I shared some of the buys of the day and Steve and the kids go but why did you buy all those bright colors, you don't use them.

That's just it.....I don't use them, but who is to say I can't or won't. I am determined to try them out on a project I am working on. So far I have played it safe with using naples yellow, earth green, cinamon and nougat on this particular piece which are the same ones I have always used.

Why is it so hard to step outside the box? The fear of the unknown?? Rejection??? I have never backed down from anything and these little half length pastels in all their glory have me needing some Xanax!!!!! Can you say panic attack?

Until next time......Since I don't do Xanax I'm thinking a fudge bar might work.



Suzan-- said...

LOL..I feel the same about sepia/earth tones Debbie! And pink and glittery thoughts just send me over the edge...LOL...I love these things--but they just don't work most of the time!

Thanks for dropping by my blog! I don't sleep much to answer your question..about 5 hours a night, and 1 hour around 4pm...

Suzan-- said...

oooo..**drooling over your new pastels!! NICE!!

Wagon Mom said...

mmmmmmmm......pastels!!!! I need to get back to using those! :) Make sure to post some work you've created with those!

sue said...

The very first art I ever did (about 100 years ago!) was with pastels-and I loved it. The kids managed to lose mine over the years, but I have a new box now. Like you, it's been sitting there patiently waiting for me to give it a shot again:)

Anonymous said...

I can see why you couldn't resist Debbie...I have a box of those somewhere (but not as big or nice as yours) that I haven't gotten to many possibilities, so little time!

abbymaya said...

Woo hoo! The fancy colors. It's like going back to school with the fancy coloring box. :) I can't wait to see what you do with it, I know it will be fabulous.

Teemie said...

How's it going with the brights?

All those colors.... so irresistible!

I do hope you're having lots of fun experimenting.

Please share how it's going.